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Women's Day: Angela Merkel calls for gender equality in face of pandemic

The German chancellor has warned that the coronavirus pandemic threatens to roll back advances in women's rights. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a plea on her Saturday podcast to defend the advances made in gender equality as the global coronavirus pandemic threatens to bring a return to traditional ... Read full article »

Anger and collective trauma scar Ethiopia's Tigray region

The conflict in Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia, has mostly been unfolding under a media blackout since early November. Thousands of civilians have likely died as a result of the crisis. They were sobbing silently, waiting for their turn at the end of a dark corridor — a dozen petrified ... Read full article »

China's CGTN returns to German TV screens

French media regulators have stepped in to preserve the Chinese state-run channel's permission to stay on the air in Europe. The Chinese state-run TV news channel CGTN returned to the Vodafone cable network in Germany, a spokesperson for the channel confirmed on Saturday. The news came almost a month ... Read full article »

Coronavirus: German vaccine shortage 'over soon'

The head of Germany's vaccination committee says a shortage of vaccines will come to an end in the next months. Meanwhile, home-testing kits in supermarkets have sold out within hours. Germany's sluggish vaccine roll out will speed up significantly in April, the head of the country's Standing ... Read full article »

Ivory Coast vote: Two ex-presidents team up against Ouattara

Voters in Ivory Coast are electing a new parliament, with two former presidents hoping to keep the allies of the current leader, Alassane Ouattara, from claiming "absolute power." In the first election since an outbreak of deadly violence in October, Ivory Coast citizens were voting for a new parliament ... Read full article »

Myanmar: Defiant anti-coup movement returns to streets

Demonstrators have not been put off by security forces, who have escalated an increasingly brutal crackdown. Thousands of anti-coup demonstrators returned to the streets of Myanmar on Saturday to protest the return to military rule. Demonstrators have been holding protests ever since a February 1 putsch ... Read full article »

EU seeks US supplies of AstraZeneca vaccine — report

Brussels will call on Washington to lift the export ban on AstraZeneca's vaccine to ensure the producer's obligation to the EU is met, according to the Financial Times. The EU hopes to get AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines from the US despite the current limits on their exports, the Financial Times reported ... Read full article »

Fact check: The risk of catching coronavirus outdoors

Milder temperatures have enticed many people to flock outdoors. Just how great is the danger of contracting the coronavirus in open-air settings? Does it make sense to wear masks? DW spoke to experts to find out. How great is the risk of contracting coronavirus outdoors? The chances of becoming infected ... Read full article »

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wins vote of confidence

Imran Khan put himself in the firing line after his finance minister lost a high-profile Senate seat. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan survived a vote of confidence from parliament on Saturday. Khan volunteered to seek parliament's confidence after his ruling party's Finance Minister Hafeez ... Read full article »

Pope Francis meets Iraq's top Shiite cleric al-Sistani

The head of the Catholic church visited the home of Iraq's most senior Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, with a message of peace. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani urged Iraqi Christians to be protected after welcoming Pope Francis at his home in the holy city of Najaf on Saturday. Iraqi Christians should ... Read full article »

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