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Coronavirus latest: UN says Latin America and Caribbean are a 'hot spot'

The UN has warned that the pandemic is having devastating effects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Meanwhile, South Africa announces its highest daily number of confirmed coronavirus cases. Follow DW for the latest. Latin America and the Caribbean are going through massive health, social and economic ... Read full article »

Merkel's press office suspected of spying for Egypt

A man suspected of spying for Egypt was working in the German government press office until December 2019. Authorities believe Egypt recruits individuals to spy on opposition groups living in Germany. An employee of Germany's Federal Press Office was found to have worked for an Egyptian secret service ... Read full article »

Macron approves restoration of Notre Dame spire 'as it was' 

The French president’s approval follows months of often-heated debate. He had earlier vied for a 'contemporary' reconstruction of the iconic steeple, which was destroyed in a fire last year. French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday gave his blessing for the reconstruction of the spire of Notre Dame ... Read full article »

Horst Seehofer to focus on right-wing extremism in Germany

The number of people classified as far-right extremists in Germany has risen, according to a new report. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer says this is the country's biggest security concern. Horst Seehofer (right in photo), the head of Germany's Interior and Heimat Ministry, said there had been 22,300 ... Read full article »

Serbian protesters lash out at botched pandemic response

Protesters in Serbia have lambasted the government's fumbling efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them are young and angry, with the unrest forcing strongman Aleksandar Vucic to give ground. The evening started like so many others – with a lengthy press conference by President Aleksandar ... Read full article »

US top court rules Trump's financial records stay private, for now

New York prosecutors can now access Trump's returns, but a congressional request for them was sent back to the lower courts. Both rulings ensure that his records will remain private past the November poll.  The United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that President Donald Trump must hand over his ... Read full article »

Kashmiri children: The everlasting scars of a deadly conflict

Last week, pictures of a toddler lying on the body of his dead grandfather sparked outrage in Indian Kashmir. DW's Rifat Fareed analyzes how the violent conflict is affecting Kashmiri children's growth and wellbeing. Basim Aijaz was 12 years old when he was killed in an accidental blast near the site ... Read full article »

Serbia: President Aleksandar Vucic says protesters are 'hooligans'

The president was reacting to two days of unrest in the country. Protesters are angry at his regime for several reasons, not least its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic described protesters against his government as "criminal hooligans" on Thursday. Two ... Read full article »

ICG: Regional armies must 'share intelligence' to defeat Boko Haram

Armies fighting Boko Haram militants around Lake Chad need to share intelligence to end the insurgency that has displaced 2 million people, a report by the International Crisis Group finds. The four countries of the Lake Chad basin — Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, plus Benin, formed a joint ... Read full article »

Pakistani women trapped between coronavirus and domestic violence

The coronavirus crisis has deepened social inequalities in Pakistan, disproportionately impacting vulnerable groups such as women and children. Activists say the interventions to deal with the issue are inadequate. "Many families realize too late that a divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter," ... Read full article »

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