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Israel-Gaza crisis: German cities brace for pro-Palestinian rallies

Police are preparing for possible clashes during pro-Palestinian rallies as Middle East tensions intensify. Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the country "will not suffer" antisemitic protests. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations are taking place in Germany's capital Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and ... Read full article »

Iran heavy-hitters Raisi, Larijani to run for presidency

Iran heads into its June election amid rising discontent over its sanctions-crippled economy. Candidates look set to include former nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani and hardline judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi. Iranian state television showed conservative Ali Larijani registering Saturday for the June 18 ... Read full article »

Washington DC gas shortage reaches critical level

Just 12% of gas stations in the US capital still have fuel for sale, after cybercriminals forced a shutdown of the nation's largest gasoline pipeline. The majority of gas stations in the United States capital Washington D.C. have now run out of fuel, days after a major cyberattack forced the nation's ... Read full article »

Israeli airstrike kills 10 in Gaza as US envoy arrives for talks

The US envoy for Israel-Palestinian affairs, Hady Amr, is set to meet officials from both sides — separately — hours after Israel's deadliest single strike on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City killed at least 10 people early Saturday, as the Jewish-majority state intensified ... Read full article »

In projected COVID rate, Germany sees way out of pandemic

If vaccination rates remain stable and social distancing rules are kept in place, the seven-day incidence of coronavirus infections could drop below 50 cases per 100,000 residents by June. There's light at the end of the tunnel for Germany. The country's seven-day incidence of coronavirus infections ... Read full article »

German minister expects 4% post-COVID growth

Europe's largest economy can expect a strong economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, with an even more positive outlook for 2022, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier says. The German economy will grow between 3 and 4% this year as coronavirus restrictions are lifted, the country's economy minister ... Read full article »

Coronavirus digest: Taiwan raises COVID alert level amid spike

Authorities have raised the coronavirus alert level for Taipei to Level 3 for the first time, amid a spike in domestic COVID infections. All the latest with DW. Taiwan raised the coronavirus alert level for the capital Taipei and New Taipei cities to Level 3, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) ... Read full article »

Who is Hamas? Who supports Hamas? What you need to know

Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, repeatedly attacking Israel. It has a number of foreign allies. But where does the terror group get the money and supplies to do it? In the past, many German media outlets have referred to Hamas as a radical Islamist organization. Most recently, however, ... Read full article »

Venezuela: Police raid last anti-Maduro newspaper

The paper's general manager called the seizure, which followed a court ruling, "an attack on democracy." The move is the latest blow to press freedom in the Latin American country. Venezuelan authorities seized the main offices of the anti-government El Nacional newspaper on Friday after the media organization ... Read full article »

China: Wuhan tornado kills 8, injures hundreds

Tornadoes hit the Chinese city of Wuhan and the town of Shengze, killing several people and injuring more than 400. Clean-up efforts are underway. At least 12 people were killed and more than 400 injured as a storm system ripped through central and eastern China Friday night. Eight people died and ... Read full article »

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