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Thousands march in Berlin to demand Germany take in Moria refugees

Around 5,000 demonstrators have marched in Berlin to call on Germany to do more for refugees and migrants made homeless in Greece. Protesters said the government should not block state or local efforts to help. Thousands of people marched through the streets of Berlin on Sunday to call on Germany to ... Read full article »

Pakistan: Opposition parties protest against role of army in Pakistan's politics

The alliance of opposition parties plan a wave of rallies and protests starting next month. Former PM Nawaz Sharif said that the army has gone from a "state within a state" to a "state above the state." Opposition parties of Pakistan rallied against the ruling party and Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, ... Read full article »

Iran hits back at US 'snapback' sanctions claim

President Rouhani said its arch-rival faces "maximum isolation" after major powers dismissed a US declaration that UN sanctions on Iran were back in force. Washington plans to hit its foe with more penalties on Monday. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday hit back at US assertions that United Nations ... Read full article »

Bahrain foils Iranian-backed terrorist attacks: reports

Bahrain has broken up a terrorist plot to attack diplomats and foreign nationals on its soil, local media and Saudi Arabian state TV has claimed. Authorities purportedly found explosives on a street. Several militants have been arrested and homes raided in Bahrain as security forces foiled what local ... Read full article »

FinCEN Files: Deutsche Bank tops list of suspicious transactions

Leaked documents shed a light on Deutsche Bank's central role in facilitating financial transactions deemed suspicious. Many of these could have enabled the circumvention of sanctions on Iran and Russia. Germany's largest bank Deutsche Bank is no stranger to scandals. But the leaked FinCEN files ... Read full article »

US judge halts ban on WeChat downloads

The judge delayed the Trump administration's ban hours before it was due to take effect, citing concerns over free speech. Owned by Chinese tech giant TenCent, WeChat in the US has around 19 million active daily users. A US federal judge on Sunday delayed the government's ban on WeChat downloads, ... Read full article »

Belarus: Tens of thousands of protesters keep up pressure on Lukashenko

It's the sixth Sunday in a row that anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets. Participants said they were not intimidated by the presence of police and soldiers in combat uniforms, who were out in force. Tens of thousands of protesters, once again, took to the streets in Belarusian capital ... Read full article »

FinCEN Files: Tracing the flow of dirty money

The FinCEN files are the result of extensive international research on money laundering and financial crime. They show how dirty money is shuffled around the world and how banks fail to stop this flow of money. The unchecked movement of dirty money may not register as an immediate threat in a world beset ... Read full article »

German minister adamant over police racism study

Germany's interior minister has once again rejected calls for a study into police racism, despite several cases of far-right sympathy among officers. Horst Seehofer wants a wider probe on racism in society instead. Germany's conservative Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has once again drawn the anger ... Read full article »

German public sector workers set for 'warning' strikes amid pay dispute

Civil servants have been primed by the Verdi union for short walkouts this week after pay bargaining talks stalled. An employers' association says such action is inappropriate due to the coronavirus crisis. One of Germany's biggest trade unions, Verdi, on Sunday announced that warning strikes would ... Read full article »

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