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China's Langya henipavirus: In a 'scary family' of zoonotic disease

Langya henipavirus is a new zoonotic disease in shrews in China that infected 35 people. Is it worth freaking out? If it starts spreading between people it is. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been on high alert over viruses passed from animals to humans. And it's for good ... Read full article »

Weekly roundup — We're all over the place on this one

For some people, the BA.5 situation's looking... more manageable than expected? And also, what we maybe shouldn't have said about the James Webb Telescope. Read full article »

Germany reports its first case of monkeypox in a child

It may be Germany's first case but evidence from other countries shows monkeypox can be worse for children than adults. And there's lots more we don't know. Germany's health authority, the Robert Koch Institute, has reported the country's first case of monkeypox in a child (August 9, 2022). The ... Read full article »

An ice-cold 'laser coffee' for our thirsty listeners

New research suggests it might be OK to drink a caffeinated beverage made with laser beams — but fresh alpine water... not so much. Read full article »

Caution, when your love's got COVID and you just had it

So how cautious should you be if you have just recovered from COVID-19 but your partner currently has it? Medical opinions vary. We've all wondered it at some point over the past two years: If I just had COVID-19 and my partner tests positive a few weeks later, is it safe to spend time with them? Given ... Read full article »

Dark matter: An invisible glue that may not even exist

There's something in the universe that seems to hold everything together, a dark matter like glue. We can't see it, and yet it's got to be out there, right? It has never been detected, only speculated. But scientists estimate that up to 85% of the matter in the universe could be made of what's called ... Read full article »

This hedgehog 'hospital' is saving hundreds of lives

Volunteers at a hedgehog sanctuary in western Germany work around the clock so that the hundred or so orphaned and wounded animals can return to nature. Read full article »

Europe's hedgehog numbers in decline due to habitat loss

Conservationists have reported dramatic reductions in Western Europe's native hedgehog populations. They say that saving them from extinction will be a challenge. Hedgehogs are a common sight in gardens in some parts of Europe. But the first time Monika Thomas saw one was at a friend's medical practice, ... Read full article »

HIV/AIDS need billions in funding to avoid 'deep trouble'

About 1.5 million people got HIV in 2021 — a million more than predicted. Experts say AIDS programs "suffered" due to COVID and we have to get back on track. The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot in a very short space of time, including our global strategies to slow the spread of — and help ... Read full article »

What causes depression? Not low serotonin levels, science says

Low serotonin levels in the brain are commonly thought to cause depression. But science shows the neurotransmitter has little to do with it. What gives? You've probably heard about the chemical imbalance theory of depression. It states that depression is caused by low levels of the neurotransmitter ... Read full article »

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