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Weekly roundup — COVID-19, aging brains & very cold computers

Will mutations change our vaccination strategy? Also, a controversial step in the fight against Alzheimer's, and how to tell a six-year-old what a quantum computer is. Read full article »

What's the deal with Aduhelm?

It's a 'breakthrough' drug for Alzheimer's… but no one's sure if it actually works. There are also clear risks of side effects... and yet it was approved by the top US drug agency (prompting three scientists to quit). What is going on? Read full article »

Polarstern team warns Arctic may be past tipping point

A research team that set sail for the Arctic has warned that the tipping point for irreversible global warming may have already been triggered. The scientist who led the international MOSAiC expedition to the North Pole on Tuesday warned that the point could have already been reached at which irreversible ... Read full article »

What foods help prevent a severe course of COVID?

Throughout the pandemic, a lot of nutrition advice has been handed out. But is there any single food that can help prevent a serious COVID-19 infection? Our food choices have a direct impact on the health and function of our bodies, and on our immune systems. With the coronavirus still circulating, ... Read full article »

What is a quantum computer, exactly?

They look weird, they're outrageously cold, and they're "stupider" than your smartphone. So why are governments throwing billions at quantum computers? And is it possible for a normal person to even understand them? Read full article »

COVID: Why experts say herd immunity is still out of reach

Herd immunity is often presented as a simple mathematical calculation, but achieving it is far from easy. Understanding how widespread immunity works is, however, key to returning to normal. Despite vaccinations, coronavirus cases continue to rise across the globe, from the UK, India and Russia to Malaysia. ... Read full article »

COVID-19: Delta variant danger & 'magnetic' misinformation

How concerned do we have to be about the rapidly spreading Delta variant? (And why are they calling it 'Delta' anyway?) Also, what's with the TikTok videos where metal objects are sticking to vaccinated arms? Read full article »

Weekly roundup — Dealing with the hesitant, vaccine mixing, and super mice

If you don't vaccinate, you will get COVID-19 at some point. That's a fact. There's also the social argument. But a lot of people in the world remain against immunization. How do we deal with these people - especially if they are close to us? Also, would you like to live a longer, more healthy life? Read full article »

How do I talk to someone who won't get vaccinated against COVID-19?

It can be really, really frustrating to talk to someone who's misinformed and doesn't plan to get vaccinated. And sometimes, the easiest thing to do is just avoid the topic entirely. But what if it's a friend, a colleague or a family member we care about? Read full article »

COVID: Are mix-and-match vaccines the way forward?

A new German study reports that a combination of the AstraZeneca and BioNTech vaccines triggers a remarkably stronger immune response than sticking with one kind of shot. Following its approval from the European Medicines Agency in January, the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 was administered to ... Read full article »

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