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Researchers succeed in taking first 3D photo of coronavirus

So this is what you look like! Until now, there have only been computer graphics of the coronavirus. Now, Austrian researchers have photographed SARS-CoV-2 for the first time in 3D. This picture is taken from 3-D images of real SARS-CoV-2 virus from snap-frozen samples. They come from the company Nanographics, ... Read full article »

DEBUNKED: 3 new anti-vaxx arguments emerge as COVID-19 vaccinations accelerate

They're all false or misleading: A distressing video of a woman convulsing in a hospital bed. Another singling out nasty-sounding chemicals "used in COVID-19 vaccines." And, finally, the cherry-picked data behind the "19-29% efficacy" argument. Read full article »

Corona mutations: Can people who have recovered or been vaccinated be infected again?

The Brazilian COVID-19 variant is of particular concern. The immune response of vaccinated people and patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may not be sufficient to fend off the mutated virus. Until now, no one had analyzed so precisely which strain of the coronavirus COVID-19 patients had contracted. ... Read full article »

Weekly roundup — Good news, bad news & a dose of humor

As Germany doubles down on the lockdown, new data suggests vaccines will keep us all safe for a long, long time. But even as health care workers get vaccinated, their suffering will continue well beyond the pandemic. And finally, yes, it is OK to laugh about COVID-19 — and it might even help. Read full article »

Wrap up warm: Polar vortex brings freezing cold

The polar vortex will probably cause an icy winter in the Northern Hemisphere after all. Here's how the weather phenomenon comes about. Let's not waste time. You will need: warm clothes, plenty of firewood and enough supplies (flour, yeast, toilet paper — the usual) to not have to leave the ... Read full article »

Can we laugh about COVID-19?

A news story, if delivered with a joke or a punchline, is remembered more clearly and shared more often — that's the indication of a new US study. But does that mean that the news should be funny? And how does that work when the topic is tragic? Read full article »

Egypt reveals ancient archaeological burial finds at necropolis

The latest trove was found in 22 burial shafts at Saqqara, south of Cairo, and date back four millennia. The finds include a long papyrus Book-of-the-Dead roll said to guide the dead "through the underworld." Sarcophagi were found down 22 burial shafts at depths of 10 meters to 12 meters (about 32 feet ... Read full article »

EU aims to curb carbon footprint through investment in space

A €15 billion fund is set to bolster the EU’s space program, making it autonomous from China and the US. EU commissioners also see this as an important step for the continent’s green and digital transitions. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep most of Europe on pause, the EU aims for a breakthrough ... Read full article »

The unseen scars of COVID-19 frontline workers

Over half of the health care workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic have reported symptoms of mental illness, according to an ongoing investigation. What can be done to help these people? Read full article »

Long COVID symptoms: What we (don't) know and who it impacts

For patients with long COVID, understanding the symptoms or even getting recognition for the disease has been hard. DW spoke with one expert who answered a few of our most pressing questions. Debilitating symptoms from COVID-19 can last well past the initial course of the disease for some patients. Researchers ... Read full article »

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