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Are European academics helping China's military?

An investigation by DW and partners has found that European researchers have cooperated with China's National University of Defense Technology. The NUDT's purpose is to "Strengthen the Armed Forces and the Nation." The promotional video for China's elite National University of Defense Technology ... Read full article »

Web3: What is it? How does it work?

Web3 is all the rage in tech. But what is it? Why does it matter? And why does Big Tech want in? Fans of Web3 technology say it will revolutionize the internet, ushering in a new, decentralized phase of the web run by ordinary people instead of massive platforms like Facebook or Google. But as the ... Read full article »

Sanctions over Ukraine war: No more iPhones for Russians?

Western sanctions and corporate boycotts have severely impaired Russia's tech sector. As IT talent flees abroad, the country's technological future is on the line. Anastasia Mirolyubova's business is booming. The co-founder of Immigram, a platform that helps tech workers immigrate to the UK, says ... Read full article »

Remembering Germany's last homegrown airliner attempt

Twenty years ago, the regional jet Fairchild Dornier 728 was launched as a base model for what was hoped would become an innovative airliner family. The dream never became reality. France and the United Kingdom were always big builders of airliners, a tradition which continued after World War Two. In ... Read full article »

How NFT technology can be 'a tool for decolonization'

After their request to borrow a sculpture created by their ancestors was denied, a Congo-based artist collective found a different way to repatriate it. Somewhere in a decentralized, virtual realm lives a newly minted non-fungible token (NFT), a unique digital asset that can be sold or traded using cryptocurrency. ... Read full article »

Kenya hopes electric boats will clean up Lake Victoria

To help combat pollution, Kenya is introducing fishing boats with electric motors in the hope they will improve water quality and make local livelihoods sustainable. Around 25,000 diesel-powered boats can be found on Lake Victoria every day. To curb the rising pollution this brings, Dutch startup Asobo ... Read full article »

Eastern European IT specialists caught in the crossfire of war

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the information technology sector had been thriving in countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, drawing many young people to the industry. The war in Ukraine has changed everything. The Russian invasion of Ukraine hasn't brought the working life of Sergey Tokarev ... Read full article »

Ivory Coast aims to transform agriculture with digital technology

Young "agripreneurs" and developers of digital app solutions hope new technology will revolutionize the west African country's farming sector. In Ivory Coast new digital solutions have enabled small-scale farmers to pick up their smartphone to find valuable technical information and directly contact ... Read full article »

How to circumvent state internet censorship in Russia

Independent media websites are blocked in Russia. But there are ways to escape Russian propaganda — and everyone can help. Relief supplies, medicine, monetary donations — people across the world have exhibited an enormous willingness to help Ukrianians. But what people in occupied territories of ... Read full article »

Myanmar: Could German technology soon help the military stifle dissent?

Norway's Telenor was long seen as the most trustworthy means of communication in Myanmar. As it prepares to sell off its operations there, it may leave behind an invasive wiretapping system made in Germany. To quash all dissent, a regime needs total control of communications: when it can eavesdrop on ... Read full article »

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