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UK spy chief: Combat cyber threats with tech firms' help

As Russia and China attempt to master sophisticated technologies, the head of MI6 has warned that "unlike Q in the Bond movies, we cannot do it all in-house." The West needs to ease up on its deep-rooted secrecy and seek help from global tech firms in the face of rapidly changing cyber threats, according ... Read full article »

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey steps down as CEO

The long-time CEO of Twitter will be replaced by the company's chief technology officer Parag Agrawal. In a letter, Dorsey said he was "really sad ... yet really happy'' about leaving the social media giant. The CEO of social media giant Twitter, Jack Dorsey, will step down from the role, the company ... Read full article »

COVID: Israel to shut its borders to foreigners due to omicron variant

Israel is closing its doors to the world as other countries confirm their first cases of the omicron COVID-19 variant. Phone-tracking technology will help officials to isolate those exposed to the new variant. Israel announced Saturday it would close its borders to all foreigners as it tries to stop ... Read full article »

What are the key issues for Germany's new government?

Germany's incoming coalition — made up of Social Democrats, Greens and the neoliberal FDP — has agreed on a political road map. DW takes a look at the key issues they're taking on, including the COVID pandemic. COVID-19 fight: A top priority The coalition agreement worked out by Germany's incoming ... Read full article »

Circular economy: Could rethinking design transform the world?

Some argue that switching to a "circular economy" is crucial when it comes to climate protection and sustainability. But what would it entail? And can it work on a global scale? Whether it's islands of trash in the ocean or the 40 million used tires in the Kuwait desert visible from space, signs ... Read full article »

Nonfungible tokens: Hype or the future of finance?

With its recent auction of a so-called nonfungible token (NFT), DW has ventured into what some believe could be the future world of finance. What has piqued our interest in trying out the much-vaunted technology? That's what it's like in the world of cryptofinance: Wallets are no longer made ... Read full article »

Australia seeks to keep vital technology out of wrong hands

Canberra fears that countries such as China are gaining access to Australian innovations, often through academic cooperation. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday listed several areas of technology he said were vital to his country's interest, pledging millions to safeguard them ... Read full article »

The South African app empowering local fishing communities

The latest technology is helping small-scale fishers fully document their catch and bring it directly to customers. On South Africa's Cape, small-scale fishers are fighting for survival as big companies, with better technology, larger boats and major fishing rights threaten to put an end to their ... Read full article »

Joe Biden, Xi Jinping meet virtually amid deepening US-China divide

The two leaders tried to lower tensions amid a widening gulf between the two sides over a range of issues, including trade, technology, Taiwan and human rights. US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping held virtual talks on Monday amid mounting tensions between Washington and Beijing. ... Read full article »

DW launches NFT auction in support of press freedom

Can you report on new financial technology and secure money for a worthy cause at the same time? DW is trying to do exactly that by auctioning off a nonfungible token. A what? Press freedom is in jeopardy in many parts of the world. In a likely nod to this, Maria Ressa from the Philppines and Dmitry ... Read full article »

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