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Tokyo Olympics: The crucial role of technology

Medals, fame and money; a lot can change for Olympians who make the podium. In racing disciplines, human beings are often are unable to determine the fine margins between success and failure fairly, but technology can. It's the last five meters. Water splashes, heads bob in an out, hands are hard ... Read full article »

Is 3D printing the future for building homes?

3D-printed homes can combine design, functionality, low costs and environmental concerns. Is 3D printing in construction the go-to technology of the future? Recently, the first fully 3D-printed house was unveiled in the town of Beckum, in northwestern Germany. The two-story residence, offering 160 square ... Read full article »

China tech crackdown spooks global investors

Alibaba's Jack Ma was the first to be targeted by Beijing's crackdown on private enterprise. Now ride-hailing, streaming, delivery and tuition firms have run foul of authorities and investors are nursing heavy losses. Beijing's widening clampdown on big technology firms sparked a major sell-off in ... Read full article »

From COVID to malaria: The potential of mRNA vaccines

Messenger RNA are little helpers, and scientists have long studied their potential in medicine. COVID-19 gave them a chance to prove it. Could malaria be next? Malaria vaccines have had a slow time of it, lately. Progress on getting a vaccine out into the community has been sluggish. There is a vaccine ... Read full article »

China names Xi ally, 'wolf warrior' as new ambassador to US

The new envoy has vowed to bring US-China ties "back on track" at a time when both sides are clashing on a wide range of issues, from trade and technology to human rights and foreign policy. China has named Qin Gang, a 55-year-old hawkish diplomat, as the country's new ambassador to the United States. Qin, ... Read full article »

BioNTech wants to 'eradicate' malaria with mRNA vaccine

After developing a coronavirus vaccine in record time, the German pharmaceutical company aims to start trialing a malaria shot next year using the same breakthrough mRNA technology. BioNTech wants "to help eradicate malaria" by using the same breakthrough mRNA technology it used to develop ... Read full article »

UK eyes plan to end coronavirus 'pingdemic'

A mobile app, designed to curb infections, impacted the UK's food supply as over 600,000 people were told to go into quarantine. The government is now carving out some exemptions. The British government on Friday announced plans to end the so-called 'pingdemic' after its COVID-19 app forced more ... Read full article »

AI protein database reveal is 'a great leap' for biology

The transformative AlphaFold neural network has predicted the structures of more than 350,000 proteins from various organisms. This could "fundamentally change biological research." Scientists on Thursday unveiled the largest database yet of human and other proteins that form the building blocks of life, ... Read full article »

Germany and digitalization: Why can't Europe's richest country get up to speed?

Chancellor Angela Merkel's digital adviser has called for far-reaching reforms to help catch up with the US, China and others, saying the division of power enshrined in the constitution is hampering much-needed progress. Schools with outdated computers. Health authorities relying on fax machines. Town ... Read full article »

England fan skipped Euro 2020 semi to donate stem cells

Sam Astley, a 24-year-old technology buyer, turned down the chance to see England beat Denmark at Wembley to donate stem cells at a London hospital. But now, after a social media campaign, he is going to Sunday's final. An England football fan gave up the chance to see the Three Lions' historic semi-final ... Read full article »

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