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Can 'untested' carbon removal technology BECCS help deliver climate goals?

Carbon removal technologies promise to help meet the world's emissions targets and keep climate change in check. But there are downsides. Slashing emissions and transitioning to green energy is no longer enough to meet the world's climate goals. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ... Read full article »

Africa boosts homegrown e-mobility in bid to curb emissions

Motorcycles with swap batteries and buses with solar panels on their roofs: African innovators have been working on ideas that support the climate, the local population and promote the "Made in Africa" brand. A few tricycles can bring massive change to a poor, rural strip like Wedza in eastern Zimbabwe. ... Read full article »

Could layoffs in tech jobs spread to rest of US economy?

Silicon Valley firms are facing the music, cutting several hundred thousand jobs after years of incredible growth. Economists are divided over whether the US economy is heading for recession and soaring unemployment. First a trickle, then a stream and now a torrent. US tech giants are cutting thousands ... Read full article »

Microsoft probes disruption of several services

Microsoft's network infrastructure was disrupted worldwide with Office 365 services such as Teams and Outlook affected. Microsoft reported it was investigating a networking issue that had caused disruption for several of its services, including Teams and Outlook. Outage reports estimated the platforms ... Read full article »

Microsoft makes major investment in ChatGPT-creator OpenAI

The US tech giant has announced it will invest billions into developing artificial intelligence applications. Microsoft is planning to integrate OpenAI technology into its own sofware. Microsoft on Monday announced it is extending its partnership with the artificial intelligence startup OpenAI, creator ... Read full article »

AI is coming to your workplace. Is Europe ready?

While artificial intelligence tools have been deployed in the gig economy for a while now, they are making rapid inroads into other sectors. What does it mean for your job? Renan Rodrigues had been working as a food delivery driver at Swiss company Smood for about a year and a half when "the robot" ... Read full article »

Microsoft to cut 10,000 jobs, citing economic headwinds

Microsoft has become the latest tech giant to downsize, with plans to cut 5% of its global workforce. However, the company said it would continue hiring in key strategic areas. Microsoft said it is going to cut 10,000 jobs on Wednesday, becoming the latest big tech company to slash jobs. CEO Satya Nadella ... Read full article »

European Commission outlines plan for clean tech future

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed a "Net Zero Industry Act" to boost clean tech. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, she also vowed to support Ukraine "as long as it takes." Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, presented a "Green Deal Industrial ... Read full article »

Explainer: What the rare earths find in Sweden might mean for the EU

A big find of raw materials critical for green technology has been announced in Sweden. Since Europe does not produce its own so-called "rare earths" so far could this news be a game changer? The Swedish state-owned mining company LKAB announced on Thursday that it had found more than a million tons ... Read full article »

China: Jack Ma gives up control of fintech giant Ant Group

Chinese businessman Jack Ma is to cede voting rights at the Ant Group in an overhaul prompted by a government crackdown. Ma has largely disappeared from view after criticizing the regulation of tech companies in China. Well-known Chinese enterpreneur Jack Ma is expected to relinquish most of his voting ... Read full article »

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