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Now This Is How You Find Disease Genes

When you read stories about scientists identifying a new link between Gene X and Disease Y, the underlying studies vary a lot in quality. At one extreme, you get papers which show that a variant of Gene X is common in a small group of people with Disease Y and not in healthy controls… and […]

100 Million Years of Decorating Yourself In Junk

Lots of animals adorn themselves with debris—here’s why.

Meerkats Mysteriously Know to Outgrow Rivals

They’re always together, and always sizing each other up.

Why Komodo Dragons Are Like The Entire Cat Family

When dragons hit a certain size, they suddenly become formidable predators.

Why Mantis Shrimp Send Secret Messages Using Twisted Light

Mantis shrimps can see a type of light that no other animal can, and scientists have finally worked out at least one use for this secret communication channel.

Fast-Swimming Swordfish Automatically Lubricate Themselves

A surprising find helps explain how swordfish achieve their blistering speed.

Baby Frogs Have a Super-Speedy Way to Escape Snakes

See a tadpole trick in action, as the not-yet-born pop from their eggs.

How An Icon of Evolution Turned to the Dark Side

Scientists have found the genetic move that darkened peppered moths, putting the insects at the heart of a long-standing battle over evolution.

This Animal Tears Its Face Off to Open Its Mouth

The hydra’s mouth appears and disappears at feeding time.

Weird Worms Swim in Huge Green Circles

These bizarre mint-green worms gather in huge numbers to swim in circles, and one scientists is trying to figure out why.

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