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New strategies to save the world's most indispensable grain 

Plants—they're just like us, with unique techniques for handling stress. To save one of the most important crops on Earth from extreme climate swings, scientists are mapping out plants' own stress-busting strategies.

Puzzling features deep in Earth's interior illuminated by high resolution imaging

New research led by the University of Cambridge is the first to take a detailed image of an unusual pocket of rock at the boundary layer with Earth's core, some three thousand kilometers beneath the surface.

Satellite monitoring of biodiversity moves within reach

Global biodiversity assessments require the collection of data on changes in plant biodiversity on an ongoing basis. Researchers from the universities of Zurich and Montréal have now shown that plant communities can be reliably monitored using imaging spectroscopy, which in the future will be possible via satellite. This paves the way for near real-time...

Hawaii hurricane season forecasted to be slow with La Nina

Hawaii and the Central Pacific basin should expect two to four hurricanes, tropical depressions or tropical storms this year, federal forecasters said Wednesday.

Pee pals: Dolphins taste friends' urine to know they're around

Think about people you know, and how you could tell they were around even if you couldn't see them: perhaps their voice, or a favored perfume.

Climate crisis is driving yellow-billed hornbill to local extinction

The yellow-billed hornbill, a cousin of fan-favorite Zazu from The Lion King, faces local extinction due to the climate crisis. Researchers investigated the effects of high air temperature and drought on the breeding success of southern yellow-billed hornbills in the Kalahari Desert between 2008 and 2019. This study is one of the first to research the...

Official measures of research 'impact' are failing to keep pace with socially-networked academics

A survey of how academics use social media to encourage people to interact with their research argues that much of the public value of their work is probably being overlooked in official "impact" assessments.

Industry lobbying on WHO overshadowing public health policy, researchers suggest

Has the World Health Organization become collateral damage in the wars over global commerce? Producers of such products as commercial milk formulas, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and electronic gaming software have been ramping up efforts to influence United States policy toward the WHO. This, University of California, Davis...

Identifying links between incentives and ethical lapses

How and why do incentives elicit unethical behavior?

Researchers magnify hidden biological structures by combining SRS and expansion microscopy

A research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Columbia have combined two emerging imaging technologies to better view a wide range of biomolecules, including proteins, lipids and DNA, at the nanoscale. Their technique, which brings together expansion microscopy and stimulated Raman scattering microscopy, is detailed in Advanced Science.

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