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$\rm Lux$ to $\rm W/m^2$ conversion?

For a physics project, I'm planning to investigate the relationship between the number of slits in a diffraction grating and the intensity of the central maxima. The light meter which I'm planning to use to measure the intensity gives me a result in LUX. I know the wavelength of the red laser light which I'm using is approximately 550 nm. I'm wondering...

Low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps - do they always produce both 184.5nm and 253.7nm?

I am buying one of those Germicidal UV lights to keep my mold in the basement in check. I've seen the youtube review from BigClive and they seem to be working as intended, but there are very few details about the actual spectrum they produce. They are either selling: with OZONE production or without OZONE production Which to me translates...

What is the range of colors a lightning can produce?

What is different about the lightning to cause air to react in different colors? Rare in one thunderstorm but ball lightning has also been reported in different colors. How could one create a red or blue arc of electricity of only modifying the Amps, voltage, sine wave, or by manipulating an electron stream?

Why is the colour of the black texts appearing Yellowish and Purplish?

I was revising some of the concepts from my old copies and I noticed something really weird (might not be weird for others). The texts with black pen when seen from behind the page had some yellowish and somewhat purplish appearance (as shown in figure) 1 : 2 : 3 : (the texts might not be clearly visible in the last one) . Also the third...

Do gravitational lenses act as prisms?

Light creates gravity, and the greater the light's frequency, the greater this gravitational effect is. It stands to reason then that light of different colors would react slightly differently to gravitational fields. Namely, bluer light would bend more than red light, causing gravitational lenses to act like prisms.

What does 'Normalized Solar Intensity' refer to in the diagram below

For the Value Axis (Normalized Solar Intensity) what does the value represent? Is it the Solar Irradiance rate normalized in a specific equation or is it something else?

Is there such a thing as a white laser pointer? [duplicate]

I can't seem to find a white laser pointer for sale anywhere. Is it just me or is it somehow not possible to make it? I see only color laser pointers like red, green, blue, etc.

Do gravitational waves change the color of light?

It stands to reason if gravity changes the color of light then the color will be affected by gravitational waves. My question is, when the waves pass, will the color change be permanent or will the light always return to it's original color? It seems to me that if gravitational waves have energy and momentum and can impart this upon objects it could...

Can a "lightsaber" be scientifically possible?

Can a lightsaber be made in real life? If yes, how can you make it? If no, why is it impossible to make it? I know there is another question on it, but I feel like I need better answers :)

Can water produce light when heated?

I am asking this regarding blackbody radiation. Water is not black, obviously. I read it is very lightly blue, but it is mostly transparent in liquid form so it probably does not absorb much of the visible spectrum nor emit anything at least at low temperatures. In solid or gazeous form it is mostly transparent too. However, if water is heated to extremely...

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