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Ravyn Lenae: <em>HYPNOS</em>

The 23-year-old Chicago singer’s long-awaited debut makes a close study of R&B history, floating through weightless vocal arrangements with uncommon poise.

Bad Bunny: <em>Un Verano Sin Ti</em>

Much more than a Caribbean summer playlist, Bad Bunny’s latest album is a melodic discourse that questions the powers that be and a call to action that encourages diasporic joy, perreo, and rest.

The Smile: <em>A Light for Attracting Attention</em>

The debut from Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and drummer Tom Skinner’s new group is instantly, unmistakably the best album yet by a Radiohead side project.

MJ Lenderman: <em>Boat Songs</em>

On his breakthrough solo album, the Asheville songwriter and guitarist polishes his alt-country vignettes with disarming insight and an immersive, fuzz-stacked sound.

Undeath: <em>It’s Time… To Rise From the Grave</em>

Zombie armies, mortal standoffs, gravesite robberies: On its ecstatic second album, the Rochester metal band has fun with death.

SAULT: <em>Air</em>

In a dramatic departure from their previous output, the UK collective taps into the spirituality of choral music and contemporary classical in an uplifting, celebratory, utterly gorgeous album.  

Axel Boman: <em>LUZ / Quest for Fire</em>

The Stockholm producer offers a bewildering yet comforting gateway to his tragicomic worldview on an ambitious set of complementary albums.

Alabaster dePlume: <em>Gold - Go Forward in the Courage of Your Love</em>

The Mancunian saxophonist and poet’s warm and wise album is a balm of spoken word and spiritual jazz, both strangely uncomfortable and strangely comforting.

Soul Glo: <em>Diaspora Problems</em>

On their groundbreaking new album, the Philadelphia hardcore group mixes actionable rhetoric, absurdist humor, and breathtaking vulnerability like no band before them.

Aldous Harding: <em>Warm Chris</em>

The New Zealand songwriter returns with a sparse and oblique album whose gentle psychedelic folk and beguiling free association proudly resist interpretation.

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