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Łukasz Langa: Weekly Report, October 11 - 17

Very few merged PRs this week as I focused on pushing the report out. And it’s out 😅

Łukasz Langa: Where does all the effort go? Looking at Python core developer activity

One of the tasks given me by the Python Software Foundation as part of the Developer in Residence job was to look at the state of CPython as an active software development project. What are people working on? Which standard libraries require most work? Who are the active experts behind which libraries? Those were just some of the questions asked by...

PyCharm: Webinar: “Smarter FastAPI Through Tooling” with Sebastián Ramírez

FastAPI has quickly become super-popular. One of the reasons: embracing standards which help tooling, which then boost productivity. This is something FastAPI’s author, Sebastián Ramírez, really cares about. But what does this mean in practice? In this webinar we’ll put this in action, with live demos showing a big productivity boost when developing...

Python Software Foundation: Join the Python Developers Survey 2021: Share and learn about the community

This year we are conducting the fifth iteration of the official Python Developers Survey. The goal is to capture the current state of the language and the ecosystem around it. By comparing the results with last year's, we can identify and share with everyone the hottest trends in the Python community and the key insights into them.In 2020, more than...

Python Morsels: Creating and writing to a file in Python

Transcript Let's write to a text file. Files can be read from (but not written to) by default Here we're using the open function on a text file called my_file.txt (using a with block to automatically close the file when we're done working with it) and we're calling the write method on the file object we get back to write text to that file: >>>...

Real Python: A Roadmap to XML Parsers in Python

If you’ve ever tried to parse an XML document in Python before, then you know how surprisingly difficult such a task can be. On the one hand, the Zen of Python promises only one obvious way to achieve your goal. At the same time, the standard library follows the batteries included motto by letting you choose from not one but several XML parsers. Luckily,...

Codementor: How Python Became the #1 Programming Language and How You Can Make the Best of It

Python is now more popular than Java, C, and other programming languages. Here are my tips on how to make the best of Python.

Inspired Python: Python Pattern Matching Examples: ETL and Dataclasses

Python Pattern Matching Examples: ETL and Dataclasses In I walked you through the theory of Structural Pattern Matching, so now it’s time to apply that knowledge and build something practical. Let’s say you need to process data from one system (a JSON-based REST API) into another (a CSV file for use in Excel). A common task. Extracting,...

Mike Driscoll: PyDev of the Week: Talley Lambert

This week we chatted with Talley Lambert (@TalleyJLambert) who is a microscopist and Python enthusiast at Harvard Medical School. You can learn more about what Talley is up to and see his publications on his website. Let's spend some time getting to know Talley better! Can you tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, education, etc): I'm a neurobiologist...

Talk Python to Me: #338: Using cibuildwheel to manage the scikit-HEP packages

How do you build and maintain a complex suite of Python packages? Of course, you want to put them on PyPI. The best format there is as a wheel. This means that when developers use your code, it comes straight down and requires no local tooling to install and use. <br/> <br/> But if you have compiled dependencies, such as C or...

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