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Real Python: Build a Python Directory Tree Generator for the Command Line

Creating applications with a user-friendly command-line interface (CLI) is a useful skill for a Python developer. With this skill, you can create tools to automate and speed up tasks in your working environment. In this tutorial, you’ll build a Python directory tree generator tool for your command line. The application will take a directory path as...

death and gravity: Learn by reading code: Python standard library design decisions explained (for advanced beginners)

So, you're an advanced beginner – you've learned your way past Python basics and can solve real problems. You've now moved past tutorials and blog posts; maybe you feel they offer one-dimensional solutions to simple, made-up problems; maybe instead of solving this specific problem, you want to get better at solving problems in general. Maybe you... Python Meeting Düsseldorf - 2021-04-14

The following text is in German, since we're announcing a regional user group meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ankündigung Das Python Meeting Düsseldorf findet dieses Mal online statt. 14.04.2021 18:00 Uhr (MESZ / CEST) Online Die Details hierzu posten wir in unserer Telegram Gruppe, finden sich aber auch auf Meetup. ...

Awesome Python Applications: Baserow

Baserow: Web-based no-code persistence platform, like a database meets a spreadsheet, with a REST API. Links: Repo Home gh Docs

Codementor: Basic Tutorial: Using Docker and Python

How I write Dockerfiles for python applications and why.

Sumana Harihareswara - Cogito, Ergo Sumana: Python Packaging Tools: Security Work And An Open Position

Two exciting bits of news regarding massively improving how we package, distribute, and install Python software! First: a new grant. New York University (specifically Professor Justin Cappos) and I have successfully asked the US National Science Foundation for a grant to improve Python packaging security. The NSF is awarding NYU $800,000 over two...

Sumana Harihareswara - Cogito, Ergo Sumana: Trying to Notice What's Missing

I'm ploughing through some open source project email threads and thinking: In 2010, people got together in Berlin for a Wikimedia developers' meeting .... and then a bunch of them hung around a lot longer than they'd expected, because a volcano erupted and so their flights got cancelled. As I understand it, you can trace certain architectural decisions...

PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #468 (April 13, 2021)

#468 – APRIL 13, 2021 View in Browser » Python 3 Types in the Wild: A Tale of Two Type Systems This academic paper from researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and IBM TJ Watson Research Center examines the MyPy and PyType tools and explores how Python developers use type annotations. The researchers collected over 70,000 Python GitHub...

Django Weblog: Announcement of 4.x Technical Board Election Registration

The release last week of Django 3.2 represents the final feature release of a major release series of Django. Per DEP-10 this release triggers the election for the Technical board for the Django 4.x release cycle. All DSF members are automatically registered electors. If you are not a DSF member and would like to apply to vote you need to register...

Python for Beginners: Shortcut to comment out multiple lines in Python

We often need to comment out block of codes in python while testing or debugging the code. When a block is turned into a python comment, it doesn’t contribute in output of the program and helps to determine which function or block is generating error in the program. In this article, we will look at some shortcut to comment out multiple lines of code...

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