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The Fridge: Call for Ubuntu Community Council nominations

As you may have noticed, the Ubuntu Community Council has been vacant for a while. Happily, a decision has recently been made to repopulate it. Thus, this official announcement for nominations. We will be filling all seven seats this term, with terms lasting two years. To be eligible, a nominee must be an Ubuntu Member. Ideally, they should have a...

Ubuntu Blog: The Expandables – snapcraft extensions and the secret code

If you’re a snap developer, you know that snap development is terribly easy. Or rather complex and difficult. Depending on your application code and requirements, it can take a lot of effort putting together the snapcraft.yaml file from which you will build your snap. One of our goals is to make snap development practically easier and more predictable...

Podcast Ubuntu Portugal: Ep 108 – Sim podemos

Em semana se regresso às aulas, mais 1 episódio no melhor podcast sobre Ubuntu, software livres e outras cenas, de Portugal. Raspberry pi, marmitas e pinetabs fazem parte deste fantástico cardápio. Já sabem: oiçam, subscrevam e partilhem!

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S13E26 – The evil eye

This week we’ve been playing with arcade boards and finishing DIY in the kitchen. We discuss if old technology is more fun than new technology, bring you a command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback. It’s Season 13 Episode 26 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain....

Full Circle Magazine: Full Circle Weekly News #182

Groovy Gorilla Is In Feature Freeze Ubuntu Beginning the Switch to NFTables in Groovy Gorilla IP Fire 2.25 Core Update 148 Released with Location-based Firewall

Ubuntu Blog: Design and Web team summary – 16th September 2020

The web team here at Canonical run two-week iterations. Here are some of the highlights of our completed work from this iteration. Web squad Our Web Squad develops and maintains most of Canonical’s promotional sites like, and more. CloudNative Days Tokyo 2020 <noscript> <img alt="" src=",q_auto,fl_sanitize,w_720/

Santiago Zarate: Ext4 filesystem has no space left on device? You liar!

So, you wake up one day, and find that one of your programs, starts to complainig about “No space left on device”: Next thing (Obviously, duh?) is to see what happened, so you fire up du -h /tmp right?: $ du -h /tmp Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/zkvm1-root 6.2G 4.6G 1.3G 79% / Wait, what? there’s...

Ubuntu Blog: Security corner: snap interface & snap connections

One of the defining features of snaps is their strong security. Snaps are designed to run isolated from the underlying system, with granular control and access to specific resources made possible through a mechanism of interfaces. Think of it as a virtual USB cable – an interface connects a plug with a slot. Security and privacy conscious users will...

Raphaël Hertzog: Freexian’s report about Debian Long Term Support, August 2020

Like each month, here comes a report about the work of paid contributors to Debian LTS. Individual reports In August, 237.25 work hours have been dispatched among 14 paid contributors. Their reports are available: Abhijith PA did 10.0h (out of 10h assigned). Adrian Bunk did 31h (out of 21.75h assigned and 9.25h from July). Ben...

Stephen Michael Kellat: Middle of September 2020 Notes

"A person is praised for his insight, but a warped mind leads to contempt." – Proverbs 12:8 (Common English Bible) It has been a while since I have written anything that might appear on Planet Ubuntu. Specifically the last time was June 26th. That's not necessarily a good thing. I have been busy writing. What have I been writing? I knocked out...

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