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Visual Molecular Dynamics Investigations of the Impact of Hydrophobic Nanoparticles on Prognosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancers

The possible impact of hydrophobic lectin nanoparticles on the prognosis and progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and cancers was investigated by Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) computer modeling programs available from the Beckmann Advanced Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana. Our results indicate the possibility of impeding...

On Asymmetry in Biology and Nature

Symmetry has attracted a substantial amount of effort because considerable simplifications are possible in the mathematical and physical treatment of phenomena and natural systems that possess a certain degree of symmetry. Among physical and chemical systems the most widely known are those related to crystals and fluids. Whereas crystals have a lattice...

Analysis of DTC nutrigenetic services in Italy: state of the art, agreement to the ESHG statement and future outlooks

Background: In both USA and Europe operate companies selling Direct-to-consumer genetic tests (DTC). These tests are offered to healthy people aiming to identify predispositions to complex diseases and to take preventive measures. Several DTC-nutrigenetic tests (DNTs) are available on the market. They propose the definition of a personalized diet, on...

On the origin of the mitochondrial genetic code: Towards a unified mathematical framework for the management of genetic information

The origin of the genetic code represents one of the most challenging problems in molecular evolution. The genetic code is an important universal feature of extant organisms and indicates a common ancestry of different forms of life on earth. Known variants of the genetic code can be mainly divided in mitochondrial and nuclear classes. Here we provide...

Genome Replikin Count Predicts Increased Lethality of Resistant Tuberculosis

The genomic Replikin Count of all the sequences on Pubmed of different strains of tuberculosis were analyzed. The lowest Counts occurred with species within the lowest drug resistance, the highest Counts with sequences of the highest drug resistance and lethality.

Genomic Replikin Count Predicts Increased Lethality of Malaria

Genomic Replikin Counts predict both the increase and the decrease of lethality of malaria

Genome Replikin Count Predicts Increased Lethality of Cancer

Those cancers, like thyroid and pancreatic cancer, with the lowest 5-year mortality rates, have Replikin Counts of about 20; lung and brain cancers, with the highest 5-year mortality rates, have Replikin Counts of 275 and 325 respectively; the others fall in between with approximate linearity. This is the first quantitative relationship of a genomic...

The Unfolded Protein Response and its potential role in Huntington’s disease

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease with fatal outcome. Although the disease-causing gene (huntingtin) has been known for some time, the exact cause of neuronal cell death is still unknown. One potential mechanism contributing to the massive loss of neurons in the brain of HD patients might be the unfolded protein response...

Genome Replikin Count Predicts Increased Infectivity/Lethality of Viruses

The genomes of all groups of viruses whose sequences are listed on Pubmed, specimens since 1918, analyzed by a software from Bioradar UK Ltd., contain Replikins which range in concentration from a Replikin Count (number of Replikins per 100 amino acids) of less than 1 to 30 (see accompanying communications for higher Counts in tuberculosis, malaria,...

Detecting differential usage of exons from RNA-Seq data

RNA-Seq is a powerful tool for the study of alternative splicing and other forms of alternative isoform expression. Understanding the regulation of these processes requires sensitive and specific detection of differential isoform abundance in comparisons between conditions, cell types or tissues. We present DEXSeq, a statistical method to test for differential...

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