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What analytics really say about when to go for a two point conversion in an NFL game

The two point conversion has become more popular in National Football League (NFL) games, and it has become a popular topic of conversation in the NFL playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl. I once wrote a blog post that uses dynamic programming to identify when to go for 2 based on the score differential and the number of possessions remaining in the...

Wed Feb 7, 2024 02:47
Presidential Punk Rock Operations Research

It was an honor to serve as the President of INFORMS in 2023. During my term, I wrote a president’s column in ORMS Today entitled “Presidential Punk Rock OR.” You can read all of my columns here. In my last president’s column, I retrospectively summarized my term by the numbers. I’ve reprinted my final column below: As I write my last...

Tue Jan 16, 2024 18:51
New Year Resolutions for 2024

It’s a new year, and I’m reflecting on 2023 and looking forward to 2024. New Years resolutions. As usual, I have set New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. I will continue to focus on self-care and wellness in the coming year. My goals for the year are to continue four habits that I set this past year as well as three new resolutions. 2023...

Thu Jan 4, 2024 19:06
operations research – what is it?

“Operations research – what is it?” is the title of a paper by Philip McCord Morse published in the Journal of Applied Physics in 1952. The paper is a transcript of a lecture Morse gave at the conference on Applications of Operations Research in Industry at Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, Ohio, November 8-10, 1951. Case Institute of Technology...

Mon Jul 31, 2023 22:23
A recap of IFORS 2023

The 23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) was held in Santiago, Chile on July 10-14, 2023. I attended and enjoyed the conference talks and conversations. I appreciate the efforts of the organizing and program committees, especially co-chairs Jorge Vera and Rafael Epstein as well as program chair Alice...

Wed Jul 19, 2023 22:32
What is your American gladiatOR name?

The documentary series “Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators,” which was released by Netflix this month, has reminded me of the television reality show American Gladiators that debuted in 1989. The television show featured amateur athletes who participated in various strength and agility challenges in competition against...

Tue Jul 11, 2023 16:37

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