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Adventures in ecological modelling and remote sensing in the Brazilian Amazon

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Fieldwork: Here be jaguars

After uniting the large metal gate that blocked our path, and travelling down a long beaten track which would have made even the most seasoned land rover enthusiast moist with excitement, we came to a few dilapidated cabins and an ancient petrol pump. Two sun-dried farm hands sat around fixing tools whilst drinking guarana juice (you’ll find it in Red...

First year postgraduate ‘to-do list’

A list of things I wish someone, probably my supervisor, had told me “It would be really helpful if you checked out X and apply to Y…”. Join any relevant societies. Be it incredibly broad, e.g. Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG), or subject area specific, e.g. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc), or something more specific such as “We...

Alphanumeric string sorting in Python

I had a list of files, alphanumeric strings. paramList = [param_11.txt, param_2.txt, param_20.txt, param_1.txt] Which I wanted to look like paramList = [param_1.txt, param_2.txt, param_11.txt, param_20.txt] However the conventional sort doesn’t cut the mustard. paramList.sort() = [param_1.txt, param_11.txt, param_2.txt, param_20.txt] There is a solution...

How to: Apply for a Brazilian visa as a researcher

Tourists and business men visiting for less than 90 days don’t need a visa – I wish this was the case for researchers. I’ve recently had to apply for a visa so I can carry out my fieldwork near Manaus this August. As far as I could make out there were no clear instructions for researchers, from the UK at least, as to which visa, if any, to apply for....

Structure from motion

So I have recently returned from the RSPSoc Wavelength 2014 conference (more on that later) and it would seem that photogrammetry is not dead. Everyone was going mad for Structure from Motion (SfM). Here’s my attempt constructed from 15 un-registered photos using the online tool ARC 3D.

In the beginning there was a photograph

I thought I’d ease you in with my first post. So here is a picture I took – just in front of Llyn Cau, halfway up Cadair Idris. There is some actual content on my ‘About’ page if you’re after some words to read.

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