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Penny Oleksiak powers Canadian women to country's 1st medal of Tokyo Olympics

Chasing dreams together: 2 steeplechase stars from northern B.C. head to Tokyo to take on the world's best

Alycia Butterworth and Regan Yee originally hail from Prince Rupert and Hazelton, respectively, and while family cannot accompany athletes to the Tokyo Olympics, the duo will have each other to help stay grounded at the Games.

It is an ex-reference: B.C. judge removes 'dead parrot' joke from class-action ruling

Hours after a CBC News story highlighted Canada's judicial love affair with Monty Python, a B.C. judge excised all references to the British comedy troupe's iconic "dead parrot" sketch from a class-action certification decision in B.C.

Toronto cyclists frustrated by speeding tickets handed out in High Park

Some Toronto cyclists say they were surprised and frustrated this week after being handed speeding tickets in High Park. A total of 126 tickets were handed out during an enforcement blitz by police and bylaw officers.

International, national wildfire crews head to B.C.

Nearly 5,000 properties remain under evacuation order and more than 16,000 are under evacuation alert over the weekend as hundreds of fires burn across the province, some fuelled by consistently warm temperatures and strong winds.

Yukon content creators are using TikTok to elevate Indigenous cultures

Indigenous TikTok creators from Yukon say the social media platform is challenging stereotypes about their cultures — and creating a community.

Parks Canada takes steps to protect rare flower found only in N.W.T. park reserve

Little is known about the Nahanni aster's place in the ecosystem, but a new management plan aims to learn more about the elusive plant found only at select hot springs in Nahanni National Park Reserve.

Canada Post's urban experiment: delivering parcels to Montrealers by electric trike

Six Canada Post couriers have volunteered to deliver mail by e-cargo trike to two Montreal neighbourhoods: the Village and Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Recall issued on Al-Rabih brand Halva / Halawa and Tahini

Al-Rabih brand halva/halawa with pistachios, white chocolate and plain, possibly sold all across Canada, has been recalled due to a salmonella contamination. Tahini with sesame paste has been recalled as well.

Bell Island's got an explosive problem — and these military divers are back to defuse it

The Joint Task Force Atlantic has returned to Newfoundland waters to finish a job begun two years ago: removing ammunition and explosives from vessels sunk during the Second World War.

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