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Pandemic leaves students with disabilities disconnected from peers and short on support

Navigating school this fall has meant change and a host of new challenges for learners with disabilities, with both students and families often having to advocate anew for the same supports and accommodations they received before the pandemic.

Building electric cars in Canada is key to reaching climate goals, recharging auto industry

With transportation responsible for a quarter of emissions, it will be hard to meet the federal government's national pollution targets without addressing Canada's car conundrum, write Merran Smith and Sarah Petrevan.

Where you live is who you are: Erin O'Toole and the new culture war

In the midst of the worst public health emergency in a century and the greatest economic disruption since the Great Depression, Erin O'Toole apparently also sees a culture war playing out.

Families of rail workers killed in B.C. crash call on Trudeau, RCMP to probe alleged coverup

Families of three rail workers killed in a crash in the Rockies of eastern B.C. almost two years ago are calling on the prime minister to intervene after a former Canadian Pacific Railway police officer alleged his superiors obstructed his investigation.

Cold weather brings wet masks and other pandemic-related challenges

The advice from medical experts this winter is to resist retreating indoors where COVID-19 is much more easily transmitted. Bundle up, mask up if you need to, go outside.   

U.S. Justice Department in talks with Meng Wanzhou over deal to free the Huawei executive: report

The U.S. Justice Department is talking to representatives of Meng Wanzhou that would allow the Chinese telecom executive to return home from Canada in exchange for signing a deferred prosecution agreement admitting criminal wrongdoing, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Astronomers share most detailed map yet of the galaxy

New data from the European Space Agency's Gaia spacecraft tracks the paths of thousands of stars over hundreds of millions of years from the present to the distant future, including waves of stars originating from an ancient galaxy collision.

Black civil servants allege discrimination by federal government in proposed class-action lawsuit

A group of current and former Black civil servants has issued a proposed class-action lawsuit against the federal government alleging it discriminated against Black employees for decades.

Government quietly made 'back door' agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste

The Trudeau government quietly signed a protocol with the U.S. on October 26 that will allow Canada to continue to ship plastic waste to American waste brokers — opening a 'back door' that will allow it to evade the plastic waste shipping restrictions the federal government committed to under the Basel Treaty plastic ban.

Biden says he'll call for 100 days of mask-wearing, will keep Fauci on

Joe Biden said Thursday that he will ask Americans to commit to 100 days of wearing masks as one of his first acts as president, stopping just short of the nationwide mandate he's pushed before to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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