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Danielle Smith's dim view of wind and solar becomes murky policy

Alberta paused approvals of new renewable power projects for seven months. That's done, but the new restrictions haven't been hammered out yet.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 04:04
Canadian women's soccer team clinches top seed in quarter-finals of continental championship

Defender Shelina Zadorsky scored twice from set pieces to help Canada blank Costa Rica 3-0 on Wednesday and remain perfect at the CONCACAF W Gold Cup with three wins and the top seeding heading into the weekend quarterfinals.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 03:53
Renewable energy developments in Alberta to face strict new rules

New rules will limit where developers can build wind turbines in Alberta and make it harder to install solar panels on farmland.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 03:14
Why fewer people are planning to have kids | About That

Research suggests a significant shift over the last two decades in the number of North American adults who are planning on having kids. Andrew Chang explores three main reasons for the generational change.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 02:55
Canada to start airdropping aid into Gaza within days: source

The Canadian government will begin airdropping aid into Gaza within the next week, a government source tells CBC News.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 02:16
More than 100 possible new marine species discovered in a single deepsea expedition

During a research expedition off the coast of Chile, Erin Easton says her colleagues were constantly calling her over to show her some amazing new sea creature they'd just discovered.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:56

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