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Shameful backlash to lawyers' Indigenous culture course shows why we need it

Question the Law Society of Alberta rules all you want, but the long history of disadvantage that Indigenous people have faced is not up for debate.

Toronto to host 2024 NHL all-star game

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced Saturday the league's 2024 showcase will be played in Toronto for the ninth time.

Italy's far-right threat has vanished, but a familiar dread returns as Meloni settles into office

As she reached the first 100 days of her mandate this past week, there's a familiar dread that Giorgia Meloni is steering Italy on a slow, steady decline.

Bobi is the world's oldest dog. How'd that happen?

The Guinness World Records has informed a man in Portugal that he officially has the world's oldest dog. Bobi went on record as such when he turned 30 last year.

Brazil sinks rusting aircraft carrier in Atlantic despite pollution concerns

Brazil sank a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean off its northeast coast, the Brazilian navy said, despite warnings from environmentalists that the rusting ship would pollute the sea and the marine food chain.

I've lost more than the ability to speak all the languages of my mixed heritage

As a mixed-race person, Yasmeen Awadh’s inner voice is constantly inquiring if she could do more to be Kuwaiti or Filipino. The pressure can be exhausting.

Ontario university student wins $48M jackpot with her 1st-ever lottery purchase

A first-time lottery player from northern Ontario has won an eye-popping jackpot with an eight-digit total.

Quebec's hip-hop scene is more bilingual than ever — but language headaches persist

Once seen as entirely separate markets with different audiences, the anglophone and francophone hip hop scenes in Quebec are increasingly intertwined.

Do you like building things and eating carbs? Competitive toboggan racing might be for you

Zipping down a snow-covered hill on a toboggan can be a fun activity for kids or families, but for one group of New Brunswickers, tobogganing brings out their competitive spirit. The Fredericton Toboggan Club is heading to Maine for the U.S. National Toboggan Championships.

Workers in B.C. lose fight to be paid overtime for day of Queen Elizabeth's funeral

Two unions representing thousands of tradesworkers across B.C. have lost the fight for their members to be paid overtime for work done on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral last September.

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