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Russian daily Covid-19 deaths hit record high

Russia has reported a record number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the past 24 hours, data from the country's Coronavirus Response Center showed Saturday.

Hertz files for a new IPO

Hertz is going public again.

NASA's mission Lucy blasts off to explore ancient asteroids

The NASA spacecraft is embarking on a 12-year expedition, with the goal of capturing images of Jupiter's unobserved asteroid swarms.

Indiana's attorney general sues companies blamed for millions of robocalls across the US

Three companies that allegedly helped initiate tens of millions of robocalls in the US -- including to people on Do Not Call registries -- are being sued by the Indiana attorney general.

Fact-checking Kari Lake, serial promoter of election lies and early frontrunner in GOP primary for Arizona governor

In September, Mike Lindell, the pillow businessman and promoter of wildly inaccurate conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, said Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was the first and only candidate he had endorsed.

Queen's climate views are caught on a hot mic

Opinion: Europe's energy crunch is giving Putin the upper hand

The warning was hardly veiled. Vladimir Chizhov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's tough-minded representative to the European Union, recently said that if Europe wants to resolve any future issues with its supply of natural gas quickly, treating Russia as a "partner," not an "adversary," will help.

What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

This week in the criminal trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, jurors heard from a second former lab director of the blood-testing startup, former executives of the two major retailers that inked deals with the failed company, as well as the beginning of testimony from a former employee who was involved in its critical Walgreens partnership and...

Analysis: Your favorite dysfunctional, mega-wealthy media clan is back

The horror, the horror!

Experts point to waning immunity and the spread of the Delta variant as the primary drivers for a second dose

As the greenlight looms for another dose of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine, experts on Friday urged those who received it to get a booster shot as soon as it's available because it will provide them with the best protection against the coronavirus.

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