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Bologna face masks and new M&Ms: 4 ways your food got weird this week

From M&Ms' mascots becoming more inclusive to a bologna face mask, there was lots of wild food news this week.

Inflation is soaring. Should the Fed unleash 'shock and awe'?

The Bank of England has already started to raise interest rates to fight inflation. The Federal Reserve is likely to follow soon. But how aggressive will America's central bank be?

UK Royal Navy seizes more than $20 million worth of drugs in Gulf of Oman

The British Royal Navy has seized more than a ton of illicit drugs worth almost £15 million ($20.3 million) in the Gulf of Oman, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in a statement on Sunday.

At least 16 killed, several injured in nightclub fire in Cameroon's capital

At least 16 people were killed after a fire tore through a nightclub in Cameroon's capital city Yaoundé early on Sunday morning, according to the country's government.

Boris Johnson faces make-or-break moment with report due into 'Partygate' scandal

It could be a crucial week for Boris Johnson in his battle to stay in power.

Heavy gunfire heard in Burkina Faso barracks, government denies army takeover

Gunfire rang out from several military camps in Burkina Faso early on Sunday, the government said, but it denied the military had seized power.

Turkish journalist detained after 'insulting' President Erdogan in a TV interview

A Turkish journalist has been sent to prison for "insulting" the nation's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ireland's data centers are an economic lifeline. Environmentalists say they're wrecking the planet

In the west of Ireland lies a medieval market town, its roots steeped in legend. Beyond the labyrinth of narrow streets of the center are the chimney stacks of housing developments that still puff coal and peat. Past those homes, on the outskirts of Ennis, is an unremarkable but huge plot of land, nestled between a power station and farmland where cattle...

Remote nation in the Pacific goes into lockdown for the first time

• 'I've got terminal cancer. Here's why I'm prioritizing travel' • 22 places added to 'very high' travel risk list • United Airlines flight to Tel Aviv turns around due to 'disruptive passengers'

US Embassy in Kyiv asks State Dept. to authorize departure of nonessential personnel

The US Embassy in Kyiv has requested that the State Department authorize the departure of all nonessential staff and their families, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

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