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Weakening In-Fa to bring heavy rain to China as new storm could affect Tokyo Olympics

A weakening In-fa is beginning to track away from the southern Japanese islands but has its eye set on eastern China by the end of this weekend. The storm could bring extremely heavy rainfall to millions in China.

Software company's unveiling of decryption key comes too late for many victims of devastating ransomware attack

On Thursday, the software company Kaseya announced that it could help unlock any of its customers' systems that were still inaccessible following a devastating ransomware attack early this month that took down as many as 1,500 businesses worldwide. But for many victims it was too little, too late.

Ancient viruses dating back 15,000 years found in Tibetan glacier

Scientists have discovered previously unknown viruses dating from 15,000 years ago in ice samples taken from a glacier in the Tibetan plateau.

Afghan interpreter for US Army was beheaded by Taliban. Others fear they will be hunted down too

Sohail Pardis was driving from his home in Afghanistan's capital Kabul to nearby Khost province to pick up his sister for the upcoming Eid holiday celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan.

Fear stalks Haitians as their murdered president is buried and gangs terrorize the capital

Kidnapped from church, shot at during an evening commute, chased out of their homes as flames licked up the street.

Welcome to the never-ending chip shortage

The global shortage of semiconductors that has hobbled the auto industry and made some consumer electronics more expensive could last until the middle of 2023, Intel has warned.

Zomato shares soar in red-hot start for first Indian unicorn to go public

India's first billion-dollar tech startup to go public got off to a flying start on Friday.

Software vendor caught up in ransomware attack obtains decryptor key

Kaseya, the software firm whose remote access tool was used to deliver REvil ransomware to hundreds of businesses around the world this month in a devastating supply-chain attack, has obtained a decryptor key allowing it to unlock networks seized by the malware, the company confirmed to CNN Business.

Prescriptions are too expensive. These companies want to change that

It's an experience millions of Americans have had: you go to the doctor, get a prescription, take it to the pharmacy and get hit with a staggering bill, sometimes running into hundreds of dollars even if insurance covers a part of the cost.

Dolly Parton recreates iconic Playboy cover

The celebrity fragrance may be primed for a comeback, with Dolly Parton announcing that her first-ever perfume, "Dolly -- Scent From Above," will launch Monday.

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