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You'll soon be able to stream Xbox games to your iPhone

Soon, you should be able to stream Xbox games to your iPhone! Does this mean that Apple has loosened its App Store restrictions that all but prohibit any sort of game streaming service? Unfortunately, no. Rather, an update to the Xbox app (currently being beta-tested, as reported by The Verge) will allow users to connect to and stream from their own...

Nomad Base Station Pro review: Luxury wireless charging at a luxury price

Nomad’s new Base Station Pro is a wireless charging pad that costs $230. For most of you, that’s going to be the end of the review. Devices to charge your phone are meant to be inexpensive. A good wireless charging pad shouldn’t cost over $50, and a multi-device charger not much more than $100 if it’s got really nice build quality.The Base Station Pro...

Fitbit Sense review: Ambitious to a fault

There are a lot of things the Fitbit Sense does that the Apple Watch can’t. Fitbit's latest smartwatch can track your stress level and help you calm down. It records your nightly skin temperature to help predict if an illness is coming on. It lets you choose between Alexa and Google Assistant (or at least it will soon). And the battery lasts for days...

C by GE Smart Plug review: A simple Wi-Fi plug in the widening C by GE ecosystem

This on/off plug ties in well with C by GE in-wall switches, bulbs, and other smart lighting products.

Eero to ship a pair of Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers later this year

This is Eero’s first all-new product since Amazon acquired the router manufacturer in early 2019.

Amazon rockets into cloud gaming with Amazon Luna

Amazon launches its Luna cloud gaming service in early access for $5.99 per month and $49.99 for a dedicated Luna Controller that Amazon says will connect directly to its cloud servers.

How to make the most of Apple TV's picture-in-picture

Apple TV picture-in-picture support is hard to find in tvOS 14, but there is a workaround.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10 features a motorized display

The 10-inch screen rotates around its base so it always faces you.

Amazon’s new Echo speakers get a spherical makeover

The new Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot Kids Edition are here, and they’re much more well rounded—literally.

Amazon announces a Ring camera for your car and Ring drone for your home

Amazon is expanding its line of Ring security cameras to cover your car and hallways.

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