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Police Chief Says Brooklyn Center Shooting an 'Accidental Discharge'

Officials from Brooklyn Center said that the fatal shooting was an “accidental discharge,” and released body-camera video of the encounter.

The C.D.C. director says Michigan needs to shut down, not get extra vaccine, to slow its virus outbreak.

The remarks rebuff efforts by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to secure an extra supply of vaccine doses as Michigan is seeing a worst-in-the-nation surge of coronavirus infections.

Cardiologist Said Heart Was Not Main Cause of George Floyd's Death

Dr. Jonathan Rich said Mr. Floyd had an “exceptionally strong heart” and ruled out a drug overdose and a primary cardiac event.

Cardiologist Testifies: 'George Floyd Did Not Die From a Primary Cardiac Event'

Jonathan Rich, a cardiologist for the state, testifies that George Floyd had an ‘exceptionally strong heart.’

White House Dog Major to Get More Training After Biting Incidents

The younger of the Bidens’ two dogs will undergo “a few weeks” of training at a facility in the Washington area after biting at least two people at the White House.

Chauvin Trial: Judge Denies Defense's Request to Sequester Jury

Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric J. Nelson, had argued that the jurors should be ordered to avoid all media and spend the rest of the trial sequestered.

Key Moments on Day 11 of the Derek Chauvin Trial

The judge denied a defense motion to sequester the jury after a police shooting in the Minneapolis suburbs.

Biden Picks Trump Critic to Lead Customs and Border Protection

If confirmed, Chris Magnus would step into a major challenge facing the Biden administration: how to handle a record number of border crossings that are projected to increase in the coming months.

How Dangerous Is Wildfire Smoke?

Monday: Ahead of a likely severe wildfire season, researchers suggest pollution from wildfires is more toxic than pollution from other sources.

The Symbol of Bessemer

We look at Amazon’s victory over a labor union — and the meaning of $15-an-hour jobs.

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