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How the Times Made a 2020 Voter Guide

In creating a special guide for voters, a team of reporters, editors and designers worked under one guiding principle: Make sense of the muddle.

Los Angeles District Attorney Won’t Prosecute Reporter Arrested While Covering Shooting of Deputies

Josie Huang, a Los Angeles reporter for the public radio station KPCC and the website LAist, offered videos disputing the Sheriff’s Department’s charges.

Trump Administration To Announce Plan to Open Tongass Forest to Logging

The effort to open the Alaskan wilderness area, the nation’s largest national forest, has been in the works for about two years.

Justice Dept. Discloses Pa. Ballot Inquiry, Prompting Fears of Politicization

A federal prosecutor said he was releasing the information because of its “vital public importance” in the weeks before the presidential election.

Trump Promises Drug Discount Cards as an Expensive Pre-election Gift

The $200 cards for prescription drugs, intended for 33 million older Americans, are part of a $6.6 billion promise offered to a key constituency.

Facebook Takes Down Networks Linked to Russian Disinformation

The social network said it was moving proactively to dismantle infrastructure Russia could use against the American presidential election.

Democrats Prepare New Stimulus Plan as Time Wanes for a Compromise

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, under pressure from moderate Democrats to redouble efforts to strike a deal with the White House, laid the groundwork for action on a stimulus bill.

‘Election Stress Disorder,’ the Sequel

Is political anxiety souring your relationship? We talked to a couples therapist who is seeing more and more of that problem.

Trump Again Sows Doubt About Election as G.O.P. Scrambles to Assure Voters

President Trump declined for a second day to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the election, while Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, implicitly rebuffed him, promising an “orderly transition.”

Louisville’s Police Force Feels Besieged on Two Fronts

Officers say that city and police officials were slow to release crucial details in the Breonna Taylor case. Protesters are fed up with what they consider abusive tactics. Calm seems a long way off.

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