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Elusive Neutrino Candidates Detected in Breakthrough Physics Experiment

At long last, researchers have glimpsed ghostly particles produced by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider -- Read more on

Arctic Snow Is Shifting to Rain As Temperatures Rise

The change in precipitation may happen faster than scientists previously predicted -- Read more on

To Better Persuade a Human, a Robot Should Use This Trick

A new study finds that, for robots, overlords are less persuasive than peers. -- Read more on

Immune Cells That Remember Inflammation Could Offer Treatment Targets for Atherosclerosis

A type of immune-cell priming called trained immunity is helping researchers to understand the disease mechanisms behind the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries -- Read more on

What is 'The Cloud' and How Does it Pervade Our Lives?

It governs a lot of your digital life these days, but the story of where it first materialized is likely deeper than you know.  -- Read more on

Inflammation in Heart Disease: Do Researchers Know Enough?

Anti-inflammatory therapies for cardiovascular disease are nearing the clinic. But whether scientists understand how inflammation contributes to fatty-deposit buildup well enough to target it... -- Read more on

Why COVID Deaths Have Surpassed AIDS Deaths in the U.S.

On World AIDS Day, why global COVID deaths are a fraction of global AIDS deaths -- Read more on

How the New Antiviral Pills Help Thwart COVID

A drug made by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics—which an FDA panel recently greenlit—and one made by Pfizer work in different ways, but both prevent the virus from replicating -- Read more on

Omicron Is Here: A Lack of COVID Vaccines Is Partly Why

Global players need to get more vaccines to African nations, and convince more people to take them -- Read more on

Chip Shortage Threatens Biden's Electric Vehicle Plans, Commerce Secretary Says

The administration hopes to gain support for a bill to domestic semiconductor manufacturing -- Read more on

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