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The Life and Gruesome Death of a Bog Man Revealed after 5,000 Years

Vittrup Man, who was bludgeoned to death in a Danish bog, was a Scandinavian wanderer, according to new research

Sat Feb 24, 2024 01:58
Stunning Comet Could Photobomb This April's Total Solar Eclipse

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks will make its closest approach to the sun this April—right after North America is treated to a total solar eclipse

Sat Feb 24, 2024 00:58
The Industrial Designer behind the N95 Mask

Sara Little Turnbull used materials science to invent and design products for the modern world

Sat Feb 24, 2024 00:16
An Evolutionary 'Big Bang' Explains Why Snakes Come in So Many Strange Varieties

Snakes saw a burst of adaptation about 128 million years ago that led to them exploding in diversity and evolving up to three times faster than lizards

Fri Feb 23, 2024 22:51
Asexuality Research Has Reached New Heights. What Are We Learning?

A grassroots online movement has helped shift the way scientists think about asexuality. But much is still unknown.

Fri Feb 23, 2024 21:11
Russia's War on Ukraine Chills Arctic Climate Science

In the two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, a chasm has grown between Russian scientists who are studying the Arctic and their counterparts around the world

Fri Feb 23, 2024 19:57

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