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How to Protect Both Wolves and Livestock

New research reveals clear guidance for reducing human-wildlife conflict and restoring wolf populations -- Read more on

Pesticides Are Killing Off the Andean Condor

Livestock owners needlessly fear these massive South American birds—and lure them to their deaths with illegal poisons. That puts the entire species at risk -- Read more on

32 Orchid Species Feared Extinct in Bangladesh

And they’re not the only ones in trouble—orchid species around the world face increasing threats from illegal trade and habitat destruction -- Read more on

What A Special Black-Footed Ferret Can Teach Us about Conservation Success

When a species is critically endangered, every individual matters -- Read more on

Tigers Extinct in Laos

The snaring crisis in Southeast Asia appears to have claimed the lives of the country’s last wild tigers -- Read more on

How Do You Save an Endangered Tree from Extinction When You Can't Save Its Seeds?

“Recalcitrant” seeds hold the secret to saving a critically endangered Indian tree—thanks to a bit of human help -- Read more on

Saving the Vaquita: New Promises and New Threats

In response to pressures from the international community, Mexico has agreed to take more steps to prevent the porpoises’ extinction—but with fewer than 20 remaining, will that be enough? -- Read more on

"A Complete Enigma"—New Zealand Lizard Declared Extinct 130 Years After Only Sighting

But here’s the good news: new research finds it was actually six different species, and five still exist—for now -- Read more on

Another Reason to Protect Elephants: Frogs Love Their Feet

Well, more specifically their footprints. New research finds that elephants create foot-shaped habitats for breeding frogs as they travel through the forest in Myanmar -- Read more on

Rise of the Extinction Deniers

Just like climate deniers, they’re out to obfuscate and debase the scientists and conservationists trying to save the world—and maybe get rid of a few pesky species in the process -- Read more on

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