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So long, Scientific American, and thanks for all the fish

The editors at Scientific American have decided to go in another direction with their blog network. As a result, our Information Culture blog will no longer be hosted on this network. -- Read more on

Is Nature’s “free to view” program a step back for open access?

News articles about scientific research often have misleading headlines meant to grab readers. News articles about scientific publishing are rarely subject to the same forces simply because... -- Read more on

Is this peer reviewed? Predatory journals and the transparency of peer review.

A few days ago, we learned that another spoof paper (PDF) had been accepted to an ostensibly peer reviewed journal. The paper was a simple repetition of the words "Get me off your f***ing... -- Read more on

Preserving scholarly information: LOCKSS, CLOCKKS, and portico

While the switch from print to digital publishing has been embraced by younger researchers and students, older faculty are a little more nervous about the impact of this (nearly complete) transition. -- Read more on

My personal information management strategies

I have systems set up to help me keep track of most of my personal information (files, images, etc.). Sometimes, these systems break down, especially when I get busy or overwhelmed. -- Read more on

Should we put our money where our citations are?

A while back I covered a study called "From funding agencies to scientific agency," by researchers from Indiana University's Department of Information and Library Science (Bollen, Crandall, Junk,... -- Read more on

Correcting the scientific record: An introduction to retractions

The modern scholarly publication system serves as the primary means of communicating scientific results, typically through peer-reviewed articles. -- Read more on

Scholarly articles and other sources about the Ebola outbreak

While there has been some high quality news reporting about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, it is also easy to find vague, misleading or erroneous information about the disease and the outbreak. -- Read more on

Tools for evaluating scholarly journals

In an information-rich age, one of my main functions as a librarian isn't helping people find material, but helping them evaluate the material they find. -- Read more on

12 delightful resources for word nerds everywhere

My recent post about specialized dictionaries got me thinking about the fun books and sites I have encountered about words and language. I thought I would share a slightly off-topic post about my... -- Read more on

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