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Rosetta Stones Rolls On

We say so long to the Scientific American blogs network. But this isn’t goodbye! -- Read more on

Four Must-Read Mount St. Helens Books

It seems like entire libraries have been written about the Mount St. Helens eruption. Here are four books well worth reading -- Read more on

Commemorate Mount St. Helens's 40th Anniversary with These Excellent Virtual Events

Geologists, park rangers, artists and one famous science guy explore the science of Mount St. Helens in many free events today -- Read more on

Why Puerto Rico's Tectonic Setting Makes Earthquakes Inevitable

Puerto Rico’s seismic sequence is entering its fifth month and is still generating large earthquakes. Here’s the tectonic story -- Read more on

Geology of the Pacific Northwest: A Great Introduction for Kids

Help kids learn about the geology of the Pacific Northwest in a fun, informative geology book with easy projects -- Read more on

What to Know about Visiting National Parks during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite entrance fees being waived, this is not a good time to pack into the U.S.’s national parks -- Read more on

Dispatches from the Original US COVID-19 Central

In these extraordinary times, we take a break from earth science to talk pandemic. -- Read more on

Unnatural Disasters: "Puerto Rico's Still Shaking"

Puerto Rico’s earthquake swarm is ongoing; so is the government’s lack of assistance. Here’s how you can help -- Read more on

Geobits: Highly Volcanic Edition

Lava lakes and flank instability and ice volcanoes ahoy! -- Read more on

A Collection of Gems for Your Valentine's Day Enjoyment

Even if the V-day leaves you meh, the geology of gemstones is still pretty great -- Read more on

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