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A Graduating Medical Student's Final Reflections: Running in the Right Direction

My final reflections as I graduate from medical school on fear, courage, and doing right by patients. -- Read more on

Resident as Teacher: How to Nurture Strengths in Medical Students?

In just under two months, I will be making two big transitions as I begin life as a resident. The first and obvious change is from student to doctor. -- Read more on


The patient was hacking sputum into a tissue when the resident and I entered his room. "How long have you had that cough?" "Oh this? As long as I can remember." "But it's been worse lately?" "Yeah."... -- Read more on

Finding the Right Confidence Interval

"Stick to your guns." "Put your nickel down." "Stand your ground." If you're a medical student, there is an excellent chance you have heard one of these in the course of your training. -- Read more on

So, you want to write about medicine?

Last year, I was honored to receive an invitation to address the Medical Student Section of the American Medical Association (AMA) on writing about medicine. -- Read more on

The path of least resistance

I was glad she never asked if I had done this before. My first nasogastric tube was placed on an elderly woman with chronic liver disease. As her illness worsened, it gradually turned her skin... -- Read more on

These agents prevent disease. Why aren't we using them?

The life cycle of a medical advance usually goes something like this: from discovery at the research bench and replication of findings, to translational research and clinical trials, to... -- Read more on

What’s so healthy about skepticism?

He was known to the hospital as someone who would try to manipulate his caregivers. And I fell for it anyway. Frequently admitted for pain crises associated with a chronic illness, he spent most of... -- Read more on

Strange bedfellows

“You wanna talk? Let’s talk.” The 42-year-old man sits up straighter in the hospital bed and grins a toothless grin. -- Read more on

It’s a simple question - isn’t it?

"So, is this the sickest list you've ever had?" the resident asked me at 2 AM, after I finally finished checking off all my boxes for the night. -- Read more on

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