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The Companies Helping Governments Hack Citizens' Phones: a 'Thriving' Industry

Fast Company notes that "the deadly impacts of Pegasus and other cyberweapons — wielded by governments from Spain to Saudi Arabia against human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and others — is by now well documented. A wave of scrutiny and sanctions have helped expose the secretive, quasi-legal industry behind these tools, and put financial strain...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 22:41
Remembering How Plan 9 Evolved at Bell Labs

jd (Slashdot reader #1,658) writes: The Register has been running a series of articles about the evolution of Unix, from humble beginnings to the transition to Plan9. There is a short discussion of why Plan9 and its successors never really took off (despite being vastly superior to microkernels), along with the ongoing development of 9Front. ...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 20:44
Moon Landing's Payloads Include Archive of Human Knowledge, Lunar Data Center Test, NFTs

In 2019 a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched an Israeli spacecraft carrying a 30-million page archive of human civilization to the moon. Unfortunately, that spacecraft crashed. But thanks to this week's moon landing by the Odysseus, there's now a 30-million page "Lunar Library" on the moon — according to a Medium post by the Arch Mission Foundation....

Sun Feb 25, 2024 14:41
How 'Smart Keys' Have Fueled a New Wave of Car Thefts

"One London resident watched on CCTV as a thief walked up to his £40,000 car and drove away," reports the Observer. "Now manufacturers say they are being drawn in to a hi-tech 'arms race' with criminals." [H]i-tech devices disguised as handheld games consoles are being traded online for thousands of pounds and are used by organised crime gangs...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 06:58
License Plate-Scanning Company Violates Privacy of Millions of California Drivers, Argues Class Action

"If you drive a car in California, you may be in for a payday thanks to a lawsuit alleging privacy violations by a Texas company," report SFGate: The 2021 lawsuit, given class-action status in September, alleges that Digital Recognition Network is breaking a California law meant to regulate the use of automatic license plate readers. DRN, a Fort...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 01:53
Boeing Removes Head of Its 737 Max Program After January's 'Door Bolts' Incident

On Wednesday Boeing "removed executive Ed Clark, the head of its 737 Max passenger jet program," reports CNN, "after a dramatic — and terrifying — midair blowout in January underscored ongoing problems with the jet." A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board found that the four bolts that should have held the door plug...

Sun Feb 25, 2024 00:48

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