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Deer Carry COVID Variants No Longer Seen in People

A new study finds the viruses mutated in deer, which suggests variants had likely been circulating in the animals for many months.

Three Wild Technologies About to Change Health Care

If you thought AI was remarkable, just wait until you see these.

ChatGPT's AI Could Help Catch Alzheimer's Early

The AI everyone's talking about identified Alzheimer's 80% of the time by analyzing people's speech.

Community Gardening Could Boost Your Lifestyle and Your Health

A recent study shows that people who picked up community gardening were able to improve their physical and mental health. Is it time to change our approach, and expand the path to finding a healthy lifestyle that's right for you?

Cancer in Dogs: Breed & Size Matter

A new study finds dogs that are bigger, male and purebred may get a diagnosis of cancer earlier in its life compared to other dogs.

Pregnancy Complications Could Mean Lifelong Heart Risks for Women

New research suggests major pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia and preterm birth, should be recognized as lifelong risk factors for women's heart disease.

Black Stroke Survivors Less Likely to Get Treated for Complications

A new study finds the color of your skin may determine whether you get follow up care after a stroke.

Caring for Teeth, Gums May Safeguard Aging Brains

Researchers say brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are vital for brain health.

Now Trending on Social Media: Bad Birth Control Info

YouTubers are ditching the pill and pushing more “natural” contraception methods, putting impressionable young women at risk of unintended pregnancy.

The Future of At-Home Testing: Flu, RSV Rapid Tests Are Coming

The FDA says it is confident that at-home rapid tests like those for COVID-19 are forthcoming for flu and RSV.

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