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Pfizer Vaccine for Kids 90% effective in Preventing COVID-19

As of the first week of October, 16 participants in the placebo group had gotten a symptomatic, lab-confirmed COVID-19 infection compared with just three who caught COVID in the vaccinated group.

E-cigarettes No Guarantee Against Relapse for Smokers

This is the first study to look at whether cigarette smokers can switch to electronic cigarettes without relapsing to smoking within one year.

Air and Noise Pollution Linked to Increased Heart Failure

New observational data suggests that exposure to air pollution and road traffic noise is associated with an increased risk for new heart failure.

COVID Vaccine vs. Flu Vaccine: What to Know

The COVID and flu vaccines are important, and both are quite effective at preventing serious illness or death. But that’s where much of their similarities end. Here’s the science behind both.

Is Grit and Resilience Real? And How Do You Get It?

Besides a history of handling tough times, optimism and confidence are other traits associated with resilience.

CDC OKs COVID Boosters for Nearly All Adults, Mixing Vaccines

CDC Director Rochelle Walneksy, MD, said more guidance on mixing of vaccines would be coming soon.

People Hospitalized After Taking Animal Drug Ivermectin for COVID

People using the medicine -- typically for horses and cattle -- prompted a spike in calls to poison control centers across the country.


A device designed to detect disease from exhaled breath takes devices beyond alcohol measurement.

Even With Mild COVID, Obesity May Mean Worse Symptoms

Teens and adults who were overweight or obese had more symptoms, including cough and shortness of breath, than those of normal weight.

Kidney Grown in Pig Successfully Transplanted Into Man

If the technique proves generally successful it could revolutionize organ transplant, greatly expanding the pool of available organs.

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