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'Disrupted' Sleep Could Be Seriously Affecting Your Health

Disrupted sleep may actually increase your odds of dying early from heart disease or any other cause, and women seem to be harder hit by these effects than men.

Chocolate, Butter, Sodas: Avoid These Foods for a Healthier Middle Age

A new study looks at how combinations of foods affect long-term health outcomes.

Brain Study Suggests Autism Develops Differently in Girls Than Boys

Research conducted mainly with boys might not apply to girls, a new study suggests.

'Aerosolized Droplets' Hang in the Air After Toilet Flush

If you're in a public restroom, you may not want to hang around too long, because lots of airborne pathogens are hanging around, too.

Commentary: After Chauvin Verdict, Time to Get to Work

Psychiatrist Lorenzo Norris, MD, reflects on the guilty verdict in the murder of George Floyd and whether this may finally signal the beginning of the end of systemic racism in America.

Pandemic-Fueled Drug Abuse Threatens Hearts, Lives

A preliminary CDC summary counted nearly 90,000 overdose deaths in the 12 months ending in September 2020, a 29% increase from the previous period.

America's Unhealthiest Cities for Polluted Air

More than 40% of Americans live with unhealthy air, according to the American Lung Association's annual "State of the Air" report.

J&J Pause Did Not Upend Vaccine Confidence: Poll

A nationwide poll of 1000 Americans also finds the gap in overall vaccine beliefs between Republicans and Democrats could be narrowing.

Strides Against HIV/AIDS Falter During Pandemic

Public health resources have shifted from one pandemic to the other, and experts fear steep declines in testing and diagnoses mean more people will contract HIV and die of AIDS.

'Nerve Zap' for Pain After Surgery May Reduce Need for Opioids

An emerging technology could zap your post-op pain away — little or no opioids needed.

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