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Black Hairdressers May Be at High Risk From Toxic Chemicals

Researchers found that compared with women of color in office jobs, hair stylists had higher levels of various chemicals in their urine.

Marriage Could Be a 'Buffer' Against Dementia

A new study suggests people who stay married for the long haul may gain some protection from dementia.

People With Autism May Feel Pain More Intensely: Study

New research suggests.people who have autism feel pain at a higher intensity than others, which is the opposite of what many believe to be true.

New Book Explores Why Medicine Doesn't Always Work

In How Medicine Works and When It Doesn’t, F. Perry Wilson, MD, guides readers through the murky and often treacherous landscape of modern medicine.

U.S. Parents Face Big Disparities in Access to Autism Care Services

New research shows autism services are harder to find in many of the places where Black, Hispanic and Native American families live.

Troubling Signs TB Is Gaining Resistance Against Combo Antibiotics

Doctors currently use a regimen of three antibiotics to treat TB of the lungs. A new study showed that is not effective in treating TB meningitis.

Biden to End COVID Emergencies in May

Doing so will have many effects, including the end of free vaccines and health services to fight the pandemic. The public health emergency has been renewed every 90 days since it was declared by the Trump administration in January 2020.

Fauci Q&A: On Masking, Vaccines, and What Keeps Him Up at Night

The adviser to seven presidents reflects on his career, the highs and lows, and offers advice for staying safe 3 years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple Myeloma: How Do Disparities Affect Outcomes?

Multiple myeloma and race: Find out how disparities can affect diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

Long COVID Affecting More Than One Third of College Students, Faculty

Almost 36% of students and faculty at George Washington University with a history of COVID-19 reported symptoms consistent with long COVID in a new study.

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