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On Emotions and Overthinking in Academia

@angry_prof | 25/10/16 I distinctly remember having one particularly confusing week in grad school in 2001. I was funded, published, and on track to complete my dissertation by age 27. But for some reason, that was the week I chose to lie extensively to my university, advisor, and family about having meningitis and spent the … Continue reading On Emotions...

On #PeerRevWk16: An Entirely Cynical Perspective

"From huge publisher profits afforded by gouging public institutions and not compensating academics to high open access fees and peer review patents to stifle competition, there are serious problems underlying the peer review process that this hashtag effort does little to address."

What I Learned About Writing by Not

"It's an open letter to my writerly self. A few things I figured out about being productive when I was struggling to produce anything at all."

Unpacking @AcademicsSay: Part 1

"Although polite company warrants eyes-down, humblebrag explanations of the success of this social experiment as serendipitous, that’s not entirely accurate."

How to Not be Boring on Academic Social Media

"For academics who wish to take to social media beyond cat videos there is no sure fire way of doing things, but in my own experiment there are a few things that have worked."

Could Parental Leave Actually be Good for my Academic Career?

"If universities want more women in science, the way we handle families needs to change – men need to be as “risky” to hire as women"

It’s OK to Quit Your PhD

"There is nothing inherently good or bad about completing a PhD. It’s standing up for yourself."

Scientists Have the Power to Change the Publishing System

"Papers in big-name journals do not directly give you grants or jobs, nor are they the only way to be recognized as a good scientist"

Who Do You Think You Are – Galen Strawson and Life Online

"One only has to look at facebook timelines to see your life as a coherent narrative, designed to make us look our very best."

The Valley of Shit

"The Valley of Shit is that period of your PhD, however brief, when you lose perspective and therefore confidence and belief in yourself."

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