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Married – With Marcella #133, #134, #135, #136, #137 & #138 (of 466)

Between recipes #132 and #133 a marriage happened. Along with 21 months of time. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Life has been wonderful and full, happy and hard, blessed and challenging – sometimes all at once. That’s life for most of us whether we’re married or not. More about the hubby and […]

Less Hating. More Relating – With Marcella #130, #131 & #132 (of 466)

I’m not hip, and I know it. In case I didn’t know it, I was gently and respectfully reminded several times recently, while making a decision about a technological purchase. The store I entered was hip. The staff, eagerly ready to help me, were hip. There use of phrases like ‘people over 40’ and ‘the […]

Books I Read in 2015

Now that it’s nearly one month into 2016 and nearly two months since I last posted on this blog, it feels strange to be posting and possibly a little silly to be posting a summary of last year’s reading. However, as a few friends had asked for book recommendations recently, and I was feeling more […]

Growing Up – With Marcella – #129 (of 466)

This past year, while I’ve been on the same land mass as my family, I’ve had the joy of occasionally travelling up to my brother’s to cook dinner for us all and catch up for the evening. I still feel there’s so much to catch up on…so many days of life and inches of growth […]

Free Writing – Ultimate Meringue Therapy

The inside of an egg holds the promise of the ultimate meringue recipe – half of the insides of four eggs, anyway. This morning I made a batch of meringues for a friend. When I went to bed last night, and as my friends’s birthday came to an end, I fell asleep with the intention […]

Cafe Disloyalty

Today, I am to write about the space in which I write. Yet, that very topic brings me face to face with the current crisis that I face. Perhaps ‘crisis’ is a tad dramatic. Yet, as I sit here in this new space, two doors down from my old space, I’m feeling a little anxious. […]

Lists: Top Tips, Goodnight Thank Yous, and Blessings

If we’re to write using lists in today’s challenge, I might well start with this trusty old post card that is usually pinned to a noticeboard in my kitchen. 10 Tips to Stress Less: Remember to get your zzzz’s Talk out your troubles Notice something beautiful De-clutter your life Do more of what makes you […]

I Write Because…

I write because I’ve set the timer to write. I write because the first writing prompt for this month’s writing challenge is to set the timer and write about why I write. I pause to drink some sparkling water, and I write about that because that’s one of the points of these free-writing exercises: to […]

Cooking Catchup – With Marcella #124, #125, #126, #127 & #128 (of 466)

The past few weeks I’ve been catching up, turning up, clearing up and cooking up – not storms, mind you, though there have been storms brewing, literally, the last few days. As the thunder has rolled and the hail stones have fallen, I’ve been reminded that I’m in a different country to the one I’ve […]

At My Cafe Table – Free Writing: Transparency

Transparency I can’t see through you. Will the things I can see in you see me through? What’s on view is hard to see through. Is what I see of you all that’s true of you? Can you see through me? If you can, do you like what you see? How will I know what […]

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