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Codecademy Python Review – is it any good? (2023)

There’s many free and paid options to learn Python out there. Codecademy’s Learn Python 3 is one of the most popular courses on the web. But is it worth investing your time and money into?  That’s what we’ll look into in this review.  I’ll go over: so you can make an informed decision about giving […] The post Codecademy Python Review – is it any...

Wed Jul 12, 2023 05:02
The BEST Laptops for Computer Science Students in 2023

To master your Computer Science studies as efficiently as possible, you’ll want to get yourself the best tool for the job. The right device will allow you to run all the programs you need, with good image quality, and portability for when you’re hopping between dorms, cafeterias and lecture halls. Whether you opt for a […] The post The BEST Laptops...

Tue Jul 11, 2023 04:56
Rust vs Python – Is THIS the Language of the FUTURE?

With Rust's popularity rising among the developer community, it is essential to ask, will Rust replace Python? Which one is best for you? And, should you start learning Rust? This article gives you a complete picture of the Rust vs. Python landscape. By the end of the article, you'll have a clear idea of what […] The post Rust vs Python – Is THIS...

Sun Jul 9, 2023 01:56
Codecademy Full Stack Engineer Career Path Review (2023)

The promise of Codecademy’s Full-Stack Engineer Career Path is that it’ll teach you Front-End and Back-End development from the ground up, to a level where you’re ready to start applying for Full Stack Engineering jobs.  The suggested timeline for this is 4-8 months, but depending on your existing knowledge, motivation, and amount of time for […] The...

Sun Jun 18, 2023 22:34
Rust vs Go – Comparison and How Each Fits Your Needs

Rust and Go are new programming languages. Each solves problems inherent in previous programming languages such as C and C++. And if you’re not sure which one fits your project – check out this comparison article, in which we’ll look deeper into Rust vs. Go. By the end of the comparison, you’ll have a clear […] The post Rust vs Go – Comparison and...

Sun Jun 18, 2023 22:34
Best Vertical Monitors for Programming in 2023 – Reviewed

Vertical monitors allow you to see a lot more lines at a glance without having to scroll down. This makes them a perfect addition to your coding monitor setup. Once you’ve experienced the efficiency boost you can get from using portrait mode, you’ll never want to go back. There’s a number of different models of […] The post Best Vertical Monitors...

Sun Jun 18, 2023 22:34

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