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Paulo Costa's incredible UFC journey, as told by those who know him

After attending UFC 147 in Brazil, Costa quit his day jobs and began a quest that has led to Saturday's title shot.

FPI simulates 2020 SEC football season: Upsets, multiple playoff teams and more surprises

Florida winning the national championship? It could happen.

What's behind the increased use of zone defense in the NBA playoffs?

With NBA players shooting more 3s than ever, why are teams having success using the zone?

Lowe: What a key play by Andre Iguodala tells us about Heat-Celtics

The East finals have turned on a few big plays. Here is one of that mattered most.

The 25 most important players in the College Football Playoff chase

From breakout blue-chippers to quarterbacks trying to channel Joe Burrow, these are the 25 players who will define the run to the playoff.

The Lightning have short-circuited the Stars' top line

While Tampa's stars are delivering big production in the Stanley Cup Final, the Stars' top-line trio are not. Here's why, and how they can turn the tide.

NHL Playoffs Today: How the Stars get back in the series

Down 2-1 -- and coming off a 5-2 loss -- Dallas needs a big boost in Game 4.

Marty & McGee: 'Enter Sandman' and the best college football entrances

"Enter Sandman" at Virginia Tech is up there for Marty & McGee, but which college football programs truly have the best pump-up introductions?

Why haven't Hall of Fame locks Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers won more Super Bowls?

Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers have secured their place in history, but it's fair to wonder how their legacies would change with another ring.

MLB players who break the internet: The most meme-worthy on each likely playoff team

When these guys step to the plate or climb the mound, Twitter takes notice. Here's why.

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