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SLC-0L-05: Lighting's Gateway Drug

Quick, guess the lighting.If you said two lights, and use of high-speed sync to get the shallow depth of field, that's a pretty good guess.If you said zero lights and a rigid high-efficiency reflector, that's an even better — and correct — guess.When working with an inexperienced assistant — or looking to introduce someone to the world of off-camera...

SLC-1L-12: A Garden of Ideas

At first glance: a simple, one-light portrait of activist gardener Janssen Evelyn.Dig deeper: a look at tonal mapping via specular highlights, stretching the range of your modestly powered flash, and how to discover your next project.Read more »

SLC-2L-14: Fill in the Blanks

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to lighting. One is to light your subject in a way that is not grounded in reality but merely looks cool. And the other is to use lighting to translate the way your eye sees light into a way that your camera can better understand it. That latter choice is the option we'll be exploring today in a walk-through...

SLC-2L-13: Shoot Through Your Sunset

Whenever you have control over the time of day in which you'll be shooting a location portrait, always remember that the hour that wraps around sunset will offer you at least five different lighting environments in which to work. And for today's portrait of birders Jo (left) and Bob Solem, we're going to use three of them. Read more »

SLC-1L-11: Planting Rice at Sunrise

Seeing as no one is doing much traveling these days, I thought it'd be fun to pay a visit with a Strobist reader photographing somewhere far away. Up for a little Lighting Cookbook field trip to Indonesia? Yeah? Then let's go... Read more »

SLC-2L-12: Two-Light Bike for the Bucks

UODATE: The bike sold, quickly, for the full asking price to the first person who showed up. Which was cool. And even better, the guy was like, "Who did the pictures? They jumped out at me."(Tiny speedlights FTW...)Have you tried to buy a new bike lately? Or even a used bike?The coronavirus pandemic has made them very tough to find. Between homebound...

SLC-2L-11: The "Magic" of Medium Format

There's something about shooting medium format — especially in black and white. The look is unmistakeable: creamy highlights supported by lush, detailed shadows. So it's perfectly understandable why many photographers shell out big bucks for pricey medium format gear. In fact, it's possible that some of you are at this very moment casually thinking...

SLC-1L-10: [COVID DIARIES] Shoot the Kids

Hey, there's a pandemic. Have you heard?Looks like we might be spending a lot of time in the house with our immediate family these days. Maybe that family includes kids. And maybe they are starting to go a little stir crazy.Keep reading for some ideas for any lighting photographer who might be looking to make the best of some unscheduled family time.Read...

Hot-Shoe Go-To: The Godox TT600

How best to put this?The Godox TT600 is, objectively, a screaming bargain. It is a full-sized manual-only speedlight with power comparable to OEM speedlights that cost over eight(!) times as much. It features a reliable, built-in transceiver, a suite of different remote triggers and is part of a ridiculously comprehensive lineup of lighting gear.I honestly...

X-Peditions' 2020 Season AnnouncementUpdate: Completely Filled

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect that X-Peditions' 2020 season has filled.X-Peditions is a collaborative project between and Washington DC-based Focus on the Story. You can learn more about our program in general, and/or get early notification for next year's program, at

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