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Let’s Review Mario Maker Fan Levels. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

RECCOMENDED LEVELS: 1:28 Shell.bat C279-0000-005F-3A93 2:32 Lost in Metroid by ABE2 – 0000 – 006A – 1C2E 3:06 Mt. Wiggler Detour E007-0000-005A-C847 4:13 Escape the Dungeon With Your Dad 14C0-0000-005D-A3A7 5:39 The Meat Factory by 8D14-0000-007B-6357 6:33 Infiltration by 1710-0000-0079-14FB 8:24 Marzilla Visits Goomba City 7B39-0000-0055-E480 8:56...

Designing Party Action Games with Landon Podbielski (Duck Game)

Making a truly great multiplayer game is tricky and mysterious. So to shed some light on the process, here’s a design-focused (until it’s not) interview about Duck Game! More reading: Landon Podbielski interview on TOVG: Building a Sport: The Design Philosophy...

Retro Review: Mega Man Legends

What do you think? Yes or no? Swooning over Sonic Dreams Collection and VR porn last week on the TOVG Podcast:

Wrapping Up The Witchers

A series-wide retrospective, with majority focus on game #3. Full of controversial statements!

“Hundreds of Hours of Content”

In this video, I talk about narrative structure for hundred-hour nonlinear games to Gwent music.

Making Sense of Shenmue 3

How well Shenmue 3 is or is not doing depends on who you ask, what translation you’re reading, which numbers you look at, and what you think the word “production” means. Or something. Here’s an attempt to make sense of probably the most multi-faceted controversies going around these days. Shenmue 3 Kickstarter: Weekly...

Satoru Iwata’s Life Story

A lifetime’s work of rising to the top of two companies, condensed into just under ten minutes! Sources:

Gotland Games Conference, MomoCon & More!

In case you haven’t heard, GGC photos provided courtesy of Ulf Benjaminsson, Uppsala University Gotland Games Conference: Keep an eye out for my presentation here: Super Best Friendcast 95: Games...

A Eulogy for P.T.

“It’s not gonna happen, and that breaks my greasy heart.” Read Guillermo Del Toro recount how happy everything was before it all went to hell: Last week on the TOVG Podcast, we recount the Konami takedown experience, the lasting appeal of WoW, and the kickstarting...

Konami vs. The Internet: A Follow-Up

In sum: Konami couldn’t properly take down my video because they had provided no explanation why they would need to take down my video. YouTube stepped in for the very first time and said “dude, stop.” Polygon’s lawyer thinks I’m in the clear. There were Konami games here. They’re gone now. This video uses the tracks “Twisted” and “Highlight Reel” from...

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