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Sequential A/B Testing Keeps the World Streaming Netflix Part 1: Continuous Data

Michael Lindon, Chris Sanden, Vache Shirikian, Yanjun Liu, Minal Mishra, Martin Tingley1. Spot the DifferenceCan you spot any difference between the two data streams below? Each observation is the time interval between a Netflix member hitting the play button and playback commencing, i.e., play-delay. These observations are from a particular type of...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 21:10
Introducing SafeTest: A Novel Approach to Front End Testing

by Moshe KolodnyIn this post, we’re excited to introduce SafeTest, a revolutionary library that offers a fresh perspective on End-To-End (E2E) tests for web-based User Interface (UI) applications.The Challenges of Traditional UI TestingTraditionally, UI tests have been conducted through either unit testing or integration testing (also referred to as...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 18:07
Rebuilding Netflix Video Processing Pipeline with Microservices

Liwei Guo, Anush Moorthy, Li-Heng Chen, Vinicius Carvalho, Aditya Mavlankar, Agata Opalach, Adithya Prakash, Kyle Swanson, Jessica Tweneboah, Subbu Venkatrav, Lishan ZhuThis is the first blog in a multi-part series on how Netflix rebuilt its video processing pipeline with microservices, so we can maintain our rapid pace of innovation and continuously...

Thu Jan 11, 2024 01:20
Our First Netflix Data Engineering Summit

Holden Karau Elizabeth Stone Pedro Duarte Chris Stephens Pallavi Phadnis Lee Woodridge Mark Cho Guil Pires Sujay Jain Tristan Reid Senthilnathan Athinarayanan Bharath Mummadisetty Abhinaya Shetty Judit Lantos Amanuel Kahsay Dao Mi Mick Dreeling Chris Colburn and Agata GryzbekIntroductionEarlier this summer Netflix held our first-ever Data Engineering...

Thu Dec 14, 2023 18:53
All of Netflix’s HDR video streaming is now dynamically optimized

by Aditya Mavlankar, Zhi Li, Lukáš Krasula and Christos BampisHigh dynamic range (HDR) video brings a wider range of luminance and a wider gamut of colors, paving the way for a stunning viewing experience. Separately, our invention of Dynamically Optimized (DO) encoding helps achieve optimized bitrate-quality tradeoffs depending on the complexity of...

Wed Nov 29, 2023 23:26
Netflix Original Research: MIT CODE 2023

Netflix was thrilled to be the premier sponsor for the 2nd year in a row at the 2023 Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE@MIT) in Cambridge, MA. The conference features a balanced blend of academic and industry research from some wicked smart folks, and we’re proud to have contributed a number of talks and posters along with a plenary session.Our...

Mon Nov 27, 2023 23:18

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