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2 Years and what next?

Hi all! Ook, still swinging around, not dead yet. Embarked on a new career at a hyper growth software company and busy building a global team. Lots of interesting projects and perspectives to share. Over the next few months, I will start cleaning up this blog a bit. Lots of information needs to be updated and also looking to post more topical information...

Exchange 2013 Sample Architecture Part 4: Mailbox Server Role Design

Overview The Mailbox Server role primarily serves the purpose of hosting mailbox databases and providing access to the mailboxes contained within. In this post, we will focus on several key elements of Mailbox Server Design: Storage Design: Not only must we plan and allocate sufficient storage capacity to ensure that the environment can scale to support...

Cloud Architecture – Serving Static Content

Introduction A number of cloud hosting providers provide optimized static content delivery services, such as Amazon AWS Cloudfront and Microsoft Windows Azure CDN (Content delivery network). In this article, we will explore the elements of a scalable infrastructure that can be used to deliver static content at high capacity peak loads and build a test...

Web Analytics Primer: 1,2,3 Analyze!

Introduction: Since the beginning of the Internet, when people started visiting websites and (hopefully) buying stuff online, businesses have wanted to know exactly what people were doing in their virtual web storefronts. From the humble page view counter, to cookies and tracking tools, the industry of web analytics was born. Today, Web Analytics is...

Technological Transformation in Government

Photo (c) A/P Sandy Huffaker Foreword We live in an exciting juncture when the world is undergoing massive and visible transformation. The Internet has given us instant access to information and it has affected how we do things on a global scale. Our children go to school and interact with knowledge in ways that we could have […]

Technology in Government – Cloud Computing

Executive Brief A number of governments have implemented roadmaps and strategies that ultimately require their ministries, departments and agencies to default to Cloud computing solutions first when evaluating IT implementations. In this article, we evaluate the adoption of cloud computing in government and discuss some of the positive and negative...

Cloud Architecture – Implementing Nginx in AWS

Brief: In this post, we will be deploying Nginx as an AMI instance in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This post will document our steps to configure and optimize Nginx for serving static pages to a global audience of users. Planning and Preparation: Nginx is a powerful web server that can be deployed in combination with […]

Technology in Government -Big Data

Executive Brief In this article, we continue our series on technology in government by reviewing Big Data. We plan to review the impact of Big Data in the Government and common applications of technologies to manage this issue. First of all, let’s look at some basic definitions and define the scope of this article. What […]

Cloud Architectures – Storage in the Cloud

Brief Cloud technology is deployed across a wide variety of industries and applications. The term ‘Cloud’ itself has become so widely prevalent that we’ve devised additional terms in an effort to describe what type of cloud we’re talking about. What’s your flavor? Iaas, Paas or Saas? Or perhaps it’s Public, Private or Hybrid? Regardless of […]

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