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First post

First post on this place… I’ll just put in a couple of clips from youtube of my circuits making some noise…

Tonights build at Fabriken

Schematic Tonights build a 4 oscillator NAND basssynthdrone thing. need to build a case with bodycontacts from copper aswell.

Making a case.

Making a case for the NAND drone synth I built thursday evening. I seem to have trouble getting pictures to stick in my post aswell… Have to do a really irritating workaround.

Case is nearing completion.

The case iam making for Alfarmania is nearing completion I need to install the 6,3 mm jack and wire up the power and its done. The controls are left to right top to bottom: Power switch, LED powerindikator, voltage sag, Oscillator 1, Oscillator 3 ,Oscillator 2 ,and Oscillator 4. Iam also working on a quad 555 drone that can go from low rumbling base...

Pettis Join enclosure in HDF and a Kitty :)

A new style of enclosure that works well in any sheet material, and can be used without any glue at all. And an obligatory shot of one of my kitties lounging infront of the heater


Iam gonna do 10 of these amps with the sayagata etching and grille in a limited edition run to try and make a living since i have no income what so ever right now. contact me on bamce.ingesson@gmail.com if you are interested. Oh and the ams will be 40€ + shipping . They will be equipped with a bypass jack so you can use them to run bigger speakers...

PCB etching part one…

I have been wanting to move away from stripboard for while now since its really hard to use it to make kits. But the whole lasertoner transfer stuff was a bit to labour intensive and its easy to mess up. So i thought about using photosensitive resist but that labor intensive and requires alot of chemicals, then i came across this. Which then led to...

Newest Nand drone synth now with joystick :)

Just a small nandsynth i made mostly to try out my very first DIY PCB and a clip of it in action

Touch contact testing :)

and some pics on my latest PCBs on the right is the 2 oscillator NAND and on the left is an APC And a pick of the nand board as a touchcontact synth/noise maker

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