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Turkey is a secular parliamentary democracy located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and bordered by eight countries.

One of the largest middle-income partners of the

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Turkey’s Art Scene Makes a Comeback, Under Erdogan’s Shadow

Major museums are opening, and the Istanbul Biennial is underway. Just don’t ask about politics.

U.S. Poised to Send 150 Troops to Patrol Northeastern Syria

The new deployment is part of an expanding series of military and diplomatic steps the United States has taken to defuse tensions with Turkey, a NATO ally.

Overlooked No More: Mihri Rassim, Feminist Artist in the Ottoman Empire

In conservative Turkey, she sought the same artistic freedoms that men were granted, championed art education for women and ultimately left for the United States to pursue her ambitions.

Migration to Greece Is Rising, as Erdogan Warns of Still More

The rate of arrivals is still just a fraction of the 2015 peak, but comes as Turkey threatens to allow a wave of migrants to pass through Turkey to Europe.

Turkish Paper Releases Transcripts From Khashoggi Case

As the anniversary of the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul nears, leaks are keeping the story in the news.

Turkey’s Radical Plan: Send a Million Refugees Back to Syria

Facing economic troubles in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing a plan to resettle refugees in a United States-controlled swath of Syria.

Syrian Forces Move Into Strategic Town, Tightening Grip on Rebels

Syria appeared close to seizing the town of Khan Sheikhoun, though clashes continued. The town lies on an important transportation corridor.

What’s the Future of Syrian Refugees in Turkey?

Turkish government and opposition parties need to work together to prevent the deepening of anti-immigrant talk and xenophobic Turkish nationalism.

U.S. Formally Cancels Sale of Fighter Jets to Turkey, a NATO Ally

Turkey, whose purchase of a Russian missile system has created friction, called the Trump administration’s move a “mistake that will cause irreparable wounds in our strategic relations.”

Turkey’s Erdogan Goes His Own Way as Distrust With U.S. Grows

Three years after a failed coup, the decision to buy the Russian S-400 missile system underscores the Turkish leader’s desire to hedge his alliances.

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