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The Last Goodbye

Unfortunately, I am abandoning this blog.

The In-Between Limbo Days of Post-Yule

Hello dear reader,I'm nervous writing this piece that is to come. I had it all clear in my head ten minutes ago in the shower, as I poured delicious vanilla oils from Lush on my body and my head was feeling oh so clear and my heart oh so honest. The shower is the most epiphanic & truthful place, I think. And it occurred to me to make that the personal...

November 2016

(Above) Chillin' for hours at Starbucks. I've been going to the city many times a week this month, which is unusual, and I've been treating myself to cozy places where I could read my books in peace. Trip to Girona. Life: ✫ Feeling super high everyday. ✫ Fantastic Beasts with M and J!!!!✫ Went to the city a lot; an abnormal...

October 2016

Visited my ex-university several times.​(below) Chillin' on campus. Life: ✫ I'm excited everyday and moving forward feels like an excellent adventure. ✫ Beltaine, the band. ✫ Vegan mozzarella cheese. ✫ Spending hours on campus at my ex-university feeling inspired by the liveliness of people and the Hogwarts aesthetic. ✫ Self-dates in Barcelona...

Tiny Details of my Bullet Journal

I have five pages left in my bullet journal and will begin the new one either tomorrow or on Monday. Excitement!!! Here are mini glimpses of details from the one that's coming to an end.The photos have different colors because they were taken with different cameras. I've tried my best to make the second batch similar, but I just can't comprehend technology,...

Red Thunder

Red Thunder from tourmalinne on 8tracks Radio.01. Highwayman // Johnny Cash02. The Wrote & The Writ // Johnny Flynn03. Lookin' out my back door // Creedence Clearwater Revival04. Whiskey // Trampled by Turtles05. The Boxer // Mumford and sons06. You can't stop the changes // The Infamous Stringdusters07. Dreams (cover) // Jemma Johnson08. Ghost...

My Visual Journals from 2007 to 2010

Found these scans in my old PC. They're from the livejournal era, how fun! Warning: I was very depressed back then and journals & art were helping me channel a grim view of the world. The size of the pictures is smaller than usual because that was the size of my livejournal posts, so they got saved like that.

August & September 2016

A reading I did for myself about my relationship. Extremely accurate! Barcelona city. That afternoon in the city we ended up going into one of the many Gothic cathedrals, where coincidentally a mass was taking place. I adore going to cathedrals, churches and just any temple of any religion because I love the cold, the darkness,...

Thank You, I Love You, Goodbye

C and I broke up. The news this time is that now it’s official, there’s no going back. After our first breakup one week ago, we continued to talk things out, every single day, trying to see all possible solutions for our very serious incompatibilities. We finally reached a point today where something came up, and I saw crystal clear. All my confusion...

My Visual Journal

(Above quote)​"So every day - I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth of the ideas of God. - One of which was you." -Mary Oliver ​

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