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Virtual accounts to business wallets: from treasury efficiency to business growth driver

A 24/7 digital economy is rapidly emerging, and today’s business environment requires fast evolution for digital and traditional MNCs alike. Tech and e-commerce companies seek to take advantage of the unprecedented scale and connectivity of their digital ecosystems to amplify growth. Heritage firms recognise that they must disrupt themselves with new...

Jury out on merits of supply chain financing for small firms

Supply chain finance is useful in many ways but is it the solution to the problem of slow payments to smaller suppliers that causes thousands of UK businesses to fold every year?

New treasury technology spurs global finance leaders to rethink future skillset

As treasury technology or “TreasuryTech” continues to evolve rapidly, finance leaders globally are looking to address a skills shortage that could hamper their efforts to leverage it to the maximum.

Where the real value lies

What does ‘value’ in business really mean? Treasurer, Ben Walters, invited by Treasury Today to examine this notion, offers a new real-world approach for financial practitioners.

Brazen bid to steal bike outside police station thwarted

Amazed police watch on video as man attempts to steal a locked two-wheeler right outside their offices.

What’s happening with LIBOR?

Since it was announced in 2017 that there would be a revision or replacement of LIBOR, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Treasury Today talks to Loan Market Association Chief Executive, Clare Dawson, about what happens next and what treasurers can do to ease the transition.

60 Second Interview: Suzanne Perry, Assistant Group Treasurer, RELX Group

For Suzanne Perry, Assistant Group Treasurer at RELX Group, continuous learning and tackling new tasks is the order of the day. This appetite for progress has seen her play an increasingly important role in the global structure of RELX Group.

Making working capital work

Treasurers are increasingly playing a more central role within the organisation when it comes to optimising working capital. Where are the opportunities for treasurers to drive improvements in this area – and which challenges are likely to arise along the way?

Paws before you purchase

If you think it’s time to tighten the belt having spent a little too much over the Christmas period, enlisting the help of a focused feline may be the most effective method yet.

60 Second Interview: John Sweetman, Senior Director, Pfizer Treasury

We caught up with John Sweetman, Senior Director, Pfizer Treasury (formerly APAC Treasury Director) at the J.P. Morgan APAC CFO and Treasurers Forum in Singapore. He told us about the challenges of regulation and how this world-leading pharmaceutical company, which is headquartered in New York, is considering using new bank account structures and technology...

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