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How U.S. tech policy could change if Democrats win back the Senate

Democratic control of Congress could shape urgent tech policy issues like antitrust action against Big Tech companies, facial recognition, and data privacy.Read More

Black tech organizations grow amid calls for racial justice

Amid calls for racial justice, groups are forming to grow community among Black technologists, invite allies to participate, and build more inclusive tech.Read More

AI Weekly: Cutting-edge language models can produce convincing misinformation if we don’t stop them

Cutting-edge language generation models like GPT-3 are capable of producing convincing falsehoods if not properly curtailed, a new study shows.Read More

ProBeat: Robots need to solve mobility before we find their killer app

Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Playter and VentureBeat Executive Editor Emil Protalinski discuss the pandemic, robots, and mobility.Read More

Zoox gains approval to test autonomous vehicles without safety drivers in California

Zoox gained approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test autonomous vehicles without drivers in a designated part of Foster City.Read More

PredictHQ forecasts live TV sports viewership to help local food outlets meet demand

PredictHQ is meshing big data with machine learning to forecast live TV sports viewership, helping local food delivery businesses meet demand.Read More

France tries to salvage failed StopCovid tracing app as cases surge

France tried to chart its own course by developing a StopCovid tracing app that centeralized data, despite privacy criticisms. It didn't work.Read More

Voice assistants are doing a poor job of conveying information about voting

In an analysis, we found that Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa fall short when it comes to conveying information about the 2020 U.S. presidential election.Read More

RapidAI raises $25 million to analyze medical scans with AI algorithms

RapidAI, a company developing algorithms that analyze medical imagery primarily from stroke victims, has raised $25 million in venture capital.Read More

IBM’s Watson Assistant can now field election questions

IBM is teaming up with states to deploy a Watson Assistant solution that answers questions about the election via phone or online.Read More

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