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Army doing away with “shark attack” tactics during basic training

Infantry recruits will no longer have drill sergeants barking orders at them inches from their faces during basic training as the “shark attack” technique, which uses intimidation to establish authority and weed out the weak, is dropped in favor of a new approach.

Navy’s newest unmanned helicopter arrives at Norfolk

For 21 years, Petty Office 1st Class Timothy Egner has served his country by diving from helicopters and swimming through dangerous waters to rescue aviators and sailors. Recently, though, as a helicopter aircrewman, he’s been picking up a new skill.

Taliban kill 20 members of government forces in eastern Afghanistan

At least 20 members of the Afghan security forces were killed in overnight attacks by the Taliban in the eastern province of Nangarhar, officials confirmed on Thursday.

Minnesota man was ‘soldier’ in ISIS suicide unit, feds say

A St. Louis Park man who abandoned his family while vacationing in Morocco has been charged by federal authorities five years later with joining an ISIS battalion trained to carry out suicide attacks in Europe.

Chinese firm Zhenhua harvesting US military members’ data and social media posts

A Chinese firm with ties to the CCP has been harvesting social media posts and data of prominent Americans, including military personnel. Overseas Key Information Database, or OKIDB, is effectively a cache that contains information on more than 2 million people, including at least 50,000 Americans and tens of thousands...

China invokes memories of 1962 border conflict to put India on a defensive

For the past 58 years, the Chinese propaganda machine, or psychological warfare machine, has used the 1962 border conflict to put the Indian Army on the defensive and convey to nation at large that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is vastly superior to its Indian counterpart on the battlefield. It...

US plane disguised itself as Malaysian aircraft to spy on China’s military bases

A US Air Force aircraft used a transponder code to electronically impersonate a Malaysian plane while spying on China’s military bases, the US-based Popular Mechanics has reported, quoting a Chinese think tank. The RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft flew off China’s Hainan island on Tuesday (Sept 8), coming within 90km...

Bankrupt Remington gets $65m offer for ammo business- and the bidder might surprise you

As long-time firearms and ammunition manufacturer Remington begins to split itself apart amidst what may be its final bankruptcy, a new -albeit familiar- challenger may have stepped up to purchase the munitions side of the house. Columbia, SC-based private equity firm JJE Capital Holdings LLC recently submitted a $65 million...

US court upholds 30-year prison stint for warlord ‘Jungle Jabbah’ who lied about Liberian war atrocities

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia this week endorsed the 30-year sentence imposed on a Delaware County man accused of hiding his past in the ’90s as a murderous Liberian warlord, affirming one of the longest sentences ever given to an accused war criminal convicted of immigration fraud in the United States.

Combat pilot who buried millions in gold treasure in the Rocky Mountains dies

He was an explorer, a businessman, a warrior, a writer — a man who came to see art as something more than mere whisks of paint.

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