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A journey of recovery

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Holiday Parties in Sobriety

Year two of holiday parties in sobriety, and a perfect opportunity to put some knowledge into practice.  A few tips I learned from trial and error last year but many were learned right here from my fellow sober bloggers.  Each and every one of you are deeply appreciated.   Hurrah for collective wisdom! December 2014 […]

New Holiday: Step Day

Our fearless Nano Poblano leader Mark suggested some, um, interesting topics for the peppers.  While some are tough to incorporate into a recovery blog, there is one that we can toy with today: 14. Today is National Make Up a Holiday Day. Make it a good one. Here’s the plan: take a few, thoughtfully selected, steps […]

Marches and Meditation

Each of us has our own reality, our own way to be. Just tonight, my friend and I drove to the East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, CA, for the 4th and final meditation class. Purposefully, we didn’t read nor listen to the news this evening, agreeing to learn the verdict and follow the story […]

Coffee Break November 19

The idea for a chatty post comes from Nerd in the Brain and seems a great way for us to wind down together at the end of the week. In this spirit, a few topics we’d discuss over coffee would be Did this week seem to be ten days long for you also? With tech […]

Thirsty Games Movie Review

Movie Review of Hunger Games 1 and 3: Hunger Games – Haymitch always drinking concerned about whether or not alcohol would be available at all times hid alcohol so as never to be without comfortably uncomfortable character in a movie Hunger Games opening night – Me carefully planned drinking before the show concerned about not having alcohol […]

428 Good Days

428 days on this sobriety journey. 428 days sleeping through the night, not waking up with shakes. 428 days hangover free. 428 days of forgiveness. 428 days without hiding. 428 days of seeking a new truth 428 days of hard work. 428 days of fresh starts 428 gifts. With gratitude to Girl Gone Sober and […]

All I Want for Christmas …

Now that we’re heading into the Christmas season – ready or not, here it comes! – the “is there anything you especially desire for Christmas?” conversation came up.  For both my husband and myself, there is no big It Gift in our minds this year. Nothing.  As always, there are at least half a dozen […]

It Takes Practice

“You must practice meditation if it is to become a practice in your life,” our teacher explains. Tonight was the 3rd week of a series of four meditation classes at the East Bay Meditation Center. What do we do during these two hour classes? We practice meditating, of course. Each class has an opening five […]

In the Stuck for the Second Time

People giggle when I tell them that I love to be second. Second to try out some new technology. Second time in an exercise class. Second hike along a trail. Second meetings with old friends so we can move past the surface stories and get to the good stuff. Second visit to just about any […]

Talk About It

These past few weeks there’s been a more stressful than it should be kind of situation going on. It wasn’t a surprise, yet no amount of my project planning skills could assure that each step would keep things moving forward. It all lead to great anxiety this week. Trembling hands. Fractured thoughts. General unease. Jitters. […]

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