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How to Create a Conversion-Driven Image SEO Strategy

Guest post by Ann Smarty. Both Google and Bing search engine result pages (SERPs) are becoming more visual. There are image snapshots, video thumbnails, and image search results showing up all around search results. Consequently, creating high-quality images is quickly turning into one of the marketing priorities for a conversion-driven image SEO...

Tue Feb 6, 2024 16:42
Five Strategies to Boost SEO with Enhanced User Interaction Patterns

Guest post by Kevin George. In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, it’s no longer enough to simply have a visually appealing website or great content. To truly stand out in the crowded online space, it’s vital to optimize your site for enhanced user engagement. Image credit: Taras Shypka on Unsplash User interaction patterns are a crucial...

Sun Feb 4, 2024 07:28
Fostering Innovation: Why You Need It and How to Get More of It

Guest post. Successful businesses are built on innovation. If not for continual innovation, we wouldn’t be in the digital age eagerly anticipating the direction technology will take and wondering what is possible and what comes next. We’d have fewer companies like OpenAI, and more like Blockbuster. Image credit: Pixabay on Pexels Innovation is built...

Thu Jan 25, 2024 17:00
How to Use Social Listening to Retain More Customers

Guest post. Acquiring new customers is vital for every business. But with the steep rise in customer acquisition costs, and research showing it costs up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, you can’t ignore the importance of customer retention. Image credit: Mohammad Metri on Unsplash Effective customer retention...

Tue Jan 23, 2024 15:49
Eight Tips for Integrating Cold Emails in B2B Marketing in 2024

Guest post by Nina Petrov. When done properly, sending cold emails—that is, messages to people or companies with whom you have no prior relationship—is still one of the best tactics for B2B lead generation or making direct sales. Moreover, they can complement your other marketing strategies in substantial ways. Image credit: Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels...

Thu Jan 18, 2024 15:29
10 Creative Ways to Use Videos for B2B Marketing

Guest post by Jean-Christophe Bouglé. Stuck on how to make your B2B marketing videos stand out? No worries! In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 easy and creative ways to boost your B2B marketing strategy using videos. Whether you’re launching a new product, trying to more effectively connect with your audience, or just want a fresh approach, these ideas...

Tue Jan 16, 2024 16:05

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