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Technical Equipment, Brain Cells, and Bacteria As Artistic Materials #ArtTuesday

(PANCREAS (2012) by Thomas Feuerstein, glass, metal, plastic, technical equipment, brain cells, bacteria.)Thomas Feuerstein make art out of the biological processes. Here’s more from Art the Science:I am interested in making social, digital, and biological processes speak on various levels in my work. Artwork operates not only metaphorically on the...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 23:29
JP’s Product Pick of the Week — 4pm Eastern TODAY! 2/20/24 @adafruit #adafruit #newproductpick

Come on by for JP’s Product Pick of The Week! A new product pick will be revealed. The show airs at 4pm ET / 1pm PT, TODAY!Check out the livestream right here inside this product page you won’t want to miss it because there will be a HUGE DISCOUNT during the show! Tune in for: John Park’s latest product pick Learn how to use it Live Demos...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 22:01
NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier – MAX31865

NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit PT100 RTD Temperature Sensor Amplifier – MAX31865For precision temperature sensing, nothing beats a Platinum RTD. Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes, basically a kind of thermistor.In this resistance sensor, the resistor...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 22:01
African Diaspora International Film Festival: Black History Month 2024 #BlackHistoryMonth

African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF), a non-profit based in Harlem, is celebrating black history through film all weekend long at the Teachers College at Columbia University. The festival line-up features a broad range of powerful narratives (both documentary and drama). Tickets and event details on eventbrite:Get ready for an unforgettable...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 19:34
NEW GUIDE: Adafruit NeoRGB Stemma #AdafruitLearningSystem #Adafruit @adafruit

The NeoRGB is a no-soldering, plug-and-play STEMMA board with a 2mm JST PH connector on one end, and a 5-pin 0.1″ screw terminal block on the other. It can convert standard 800KHz NeoPixel signal using a WS2811F chip to AO3406 N-channel FETs that are high efficiency and can sink a chunk of current – 3 Amps a piece with 50milliOhm Ron!The Adafruit NeoRGB...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 17:08
The art of obfuscating Android application code #ReverseEngineering #Android

Eric Le Guevel on Quarkslab’s blog provides a thorough examination of Android runtime code execution and how code can be protected from reverse engineering.Eric dissects the Android app from DJI used to control DJI’s drones.In the world of Android applications, it’s not uncommon to come across applications protected by a packer. The role of a packer...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 16:38

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