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Understanding Crypto Art and NFTs

If you’ve suddenly been seeing lots of references to NFT art all of a sudden and have no idea what people are talking about, this video is very helpful.

Adafruit Weekly Editorial Round-Up: Women’s History Month, 2 New Gift Guides, Shadow Box Internet Clock with NeoPixel Visualization & more!

ADAFRUIT WEEKLY EDITORIAL ROUND-UPWe’ve got so much happening here at Adafruit that it’s not always easy to keep up! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Each week we’ll be posting a handy round-up of what we’ve been up to, ranging from learn guides to blog articles, videos, and more.BLOGWomen’s History Month 2021Happy Women’s History Month! All through...

More on the Death of Fry’s Electronics

On the website, Company Man, they delve a little more deeply into the history of Fry’s Electronics and what may have really led to it’s demise.

Earth’s magnetic field flipped 42,000 years ago, creating a climate ‘disaster’

The magnetic field helps shape our environment, human behavior, and communication networks.via SPACEA reversal in Earth’s magnetic field thousands of years ago plunged the planet into an environmental crisis that may have resembled “a disaster movie,” scientists recently discovered. Our planet’s magnetic field is dynamic and, numerous times, it has...

Making Colorful 3D Printed Panels for Eurorack Modular Synths via @BlitzCityDIY

Liz shows us her process for making 3D printed panels for eurorack modular synths with colorful patterns. In her video, she walks through converting raster JPG images into vector paths using inkscape and importanting them into Fusion 360. She uses the filament swap technique to get layers of multiple colors and shows how to set it up using Prusa Printers...

PCB on a Quarter

Hackaday picked up this story of a PCB printed directly on a quarter! Which state quarter would make the best blinky light?As a base layer the printed five passes of insulation on the coin, before printing the traces. Holes are left in the insulation to create a form of via that connects to the coin. On the board is an ATtiny2313 microcontroller that...

Rico Norwood’s Coding Blackness: A History of Black Video Game Characters

Rico Norwood documents and contextualizes the history of Black video game characters in Coding Blackness: A History of Black Video Game Characters on Wired:Historically, whiteness has been regarded as the default, a privilege not afforded to people of color. Players of the games we mentioned were given the choice to play as someone Black, not forced...

Five SFF Books About Division and Separation | #SciFiSunday

Another fun list from et impera. Divide and rule: the approach of choice for many historical conquerors, and also a great way to write a novel. Breaking apart something that was once whole to examine the pieces provides the novelist with an approach fit for a whole range of subjects. I’ve found so many books following that pattern that...

Backpack Theft Deterrence Using Diamond Knots

This nifty paracord “lock” using diamond knots wont prevent a determined thief from getting into your backpack, but it offers just enough annoyance in figuring it out and opening it, that it will deter the quick pick-pocket from boosting your stash. And, it looks cool!

New Products 3/03/2021 Feat. Adafruit Feather RP2040! @adafruit #adafruit #newproducts

Browse through all that’s new here!NEW PRODUCTS THIS WEEKRaspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board: Exposing every interface from Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, the Compute Module 4 IO Board provides a development platform and reference base-board design for the most powerful Compute Module yet.The Compute Module 4 IO Board is a development board for those...

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