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Balloon sighted over Latin America is from China, Beijing says

Chinese foreign ministry says balloon spotted over Colombia is of a 'civilian nature and used for flight tests'.

Why some EU countries in the east are still pro-Russia

Despite recent memories of Russian aggression, some Eastern European states still fall for Russian disinformation.

US authorities enforce evacuations after train derails in Ohio

Derailment threatens release of toxic gas and explosion that could launch shrapnel in Ohio town, officials say.

Chile’s president urges unity amid battle to contain fatal fires

International assistance is arriving as Chile struggles to control hundreds of wildfires that have scorched communities.

Turkey’s Gaziantep goes from a refuge to a site of devastation

Monday's earthquake has brought back terrible memories for both Syrians and Ukrainians in Gaziantep.

Photos: Deadly quake intensifies suffering of displaced Syrians

The disaster comes on the heels of severe winter storms, further adding to the misery of those left without shelter.

Premier League charges Man City with alleged financial-rule break

Manchester, UK-based football club says they welcome review by independent commission.

At least 34 people killed in clashes in Somaliland, hospital says

Fighting erupts in the breakaway region between its forces and anti-government fighters, a Somaliland official says.

For Syrians, earthquakes bring on yet another disaster

Powerful quakes have left devastation in the war-hit country, exacerbating crises faced by IDPs and refugees.

Why have the Turkey-Syria earthquakes been so deadly?

Rapid and unregulated urbanisation is one of the factors that make cities 'critically vulnerable' to natural hazards.

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