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Totalitarianism at 38th and Chicago: A Minnesotan lie

Minnesota’s 'don’t-cha-know' country has blood on the leaves and death marches in the cracks of the sidewalk.

Tesla apologises to Chinese consumers, plans to remedy complaints

Tesla sells about 30 percent of its cars in China, where it has faced complaints over issues such as battery fires.

After Floyd verdict, US attorney general launches police probe

Attorney General Garland says Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict does not address 'potentially systemic policing issues'.

‘A Tigrayan womb should never give birth’: Rape in Tigray

Displaced people from Ethiopia’s western Tigray region report alleged cases of rape, looting and other crimes.

Germany: Protest erupts as parliament votes on COVID rules

Thousands stage anti-lockdown rally as legislators approve handing gov't enhanced powers to impose restrictions.

‘Setting the standard’: EU unveils plan to rein in risky AI uses

The proposal would ban AI in 'social scoring' systems that judge people based on behaviour and physical traits.

US police shoot, kill Black teenage girl holding knife in Ohio

Police in Columbus fatally shoot a girl brandishing a knife while responding to a report on an attempted stabbing.

‘Exception not the rule’: What’s next after Chauvin conviction?

Chauvin will likely appeal the conviction, as advocates hope the guilty verdict will spur greater police reforms.

Wild Recovery: Protecting nature and preventing the next pandemic

Earthrise looks at protecting wildlife and preventing pandemics through the stories of two endangered mammals.

Lebanon crisis: Boutique hotels pivot in the age of ‘Lollers’

As Lebanon's economic crisis stretches into its 18th month, some boutique hotel owners are pivoting to survive.

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