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New Trump rule could require up to $15,000 bond for travel to US

The pilot programme could affect travellers from 24 countries including Afghanistan, Angola and Sudan.

Ethiopian army castaways may expand TPLF’s fight past Mekelle

Ahead of government's 'final' assault on Mekelle, TPLF officials say even city's fall will not spell end of fight.

Ford snaps up freezers to store COVID-19 vaccine for autoworkers

Assembly plant workers are considered essential in most US states, but not at the top of the list for early vaccines.

India bans 43 apps in fresh wave of web sanctions against China

The mostly Chinese-origin apps threaten the 'sovereignty and integrity of India', the country's tech ministry said.

Biden pivots from ‘America First’ with national security team

With his highly experienced and diverse team, President-elect Joe Biden is emphasising cooperation with US allies.

Leader Thierry Baudet quits far-right party over Nazi controversy

Forum for Democracy's Dutch leader stands down after members of youth wing reportedly shared messages praising Nazis.

Trial of hunger-striking Saudi activist al-Hathloul to resume

Loujain al-Hathloul, arrested in 2018, has been on hunger strike for a month against conditions of prolonged detention.

Donors pledge billions to Afghanistan, but with strings attached

Countries slap restrictions over pledged funds pending on progress in talks between Taliban and the gov't, among others.

Georgia Senate races in focus as Trump spotlight fades

US Senate majority and Joe Biden's opportunity to govern alongside a Democratic Congress hinge on two runoff elections.

Burkina Faso vote: Kabore in the lead as opposition cries foul

Results from 37 out of roughly 360 districts show Kabore with 235,000 votes, some three times as many as closest rival.

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