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New space race? US tests components for hypersonic weapons

Tests come amid President Joe Biden's concerns about Chinese hypersonic weapons systems that can evade advanced radar.

Supercharged: Tesla shares rally to a record high

Elon Musk's electric-vehicle company is one step closer to a market valuation of $1 trillion.

Former Giuliani aide convicted of violating US campaign laws

Lev Parnas is found guilty of donating to group that supported the reelection campaign of former President Donald Trump.

US stocks dragged down by interest rates hike fears and tech woes

Investors are increasingly concerned that the US central bank will raise interest rates sooner than they see coming.

Moldova declares state of emergency over gas crisis

Moldova to seek cheaper natural gas from Europe after traditional supplier Russia hiked prices.

Qatar 2022: Al Thumama Stadium inaugurated for Amir Cup final

Al Sadd beat Al Rayyan in the Amir Cup final, the first match at the latest Qatar 2022 stadium to be inaugurated.

Bosnian Serb police drill seen as separatist ‘provocation’

Bosniak, Croat leaders call drills 'a clear provocation', but Serb officials say it is not related to political crisis.

US Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to Texas abortion ban

The move leaves in place a law that clinics say has led to an 80 percent reduction in abortions in the state of Texas.

Dying for debt relief: Why are NYC taxi drivers on hunger strike?

Battered by the pandemic and crippling debt, New York City medallion owners are demanding more meaningful debt relief.

Lebanon’s President Aoun rejects draft electoral law

Aoun says holding elections in March, almost two months earlier than scheduled, would lower voter participation.

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