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Somalia army chief survives suicide bombing in Mogadishu

General Yusuf Rage escaped unhurt when a blast targeted his convoy in the Somali capital.

COVID-19 cases soar in US, grow in India, South Africa and Brazil

Two World Health Organization experts have gone to China for a mission to trace the origin of the pandemic.

Madagascar lawmakers die after contracting coronavirus

Two politicians die and 25 others test positive as president promotes herbal remedy as country's 'green gold'.

Ivory Coast Vice President Daniel Kablan Duncan resigns

Duncan quit for personal reasons, the presidency said, less than a week after the sudden death of the prime minister.

Lebanese rights groups face off against 'alarming' crackdown

Rights organisations say 3,599 people were arrested on charges of defamation between 2015 and May 2019.

Nigeria natural gas project: $3bn pipeline construction begins

After a delay of 15 years, Nigeria's international gas pipeline is finally under way.

The migrants who come to Libya for economic opportunity

Caught between the fighting and COVID lockdowns, Al Jazeera meets a migrant who has come to Libya for a better life.

Indonesia: Aceh community support rescued Rohingya refugees

A community in western Indonesia is banding together to support a group of 99 Rohingya refugees, who they rescued from Indonesian waters late last month.

Old Baghdad buildings disappear despite laws to protect heritage

Why historical buildings in Iraq's capital Baghdad are under threat and what is being done to save them.

Remittances to Kenya hit hard by COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic means fewer Africans in diaspora are sending money home. Al Jazeera looks at how Kenyans are affected.

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