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Beyond tourism, who will dominate the $1 trillion space economy?

Space tourism will be worth $8bn by 2030, but that's a fraction of today's $350bn space industry.

Bali hit by ‘oxygen crisis’ as Indonesia’s COVID struggles rise

Bali and other regions are under tight COVID-19 restrictions as cases and deaths surge in the archipelago nation.

Campaigners hail historic Sierra Leone move to end death penalty

Lawmakers vote to repeal the death penalty more than 20 years after the country's last execution.

Pegasus Project: Malware used against journalists and dissidents

The global epidemic of surveillance using malicious spyware. Plus, Bild’s battle for political influence in Germany.

Vietnam locks down capital Hanoi as COVID-19 infections soar

Fifteen-day lockdown order bans the gathering of more than two people in public in city of eight million.

Abdullah Abdullah: Can Afghanistan move ahead without US troops?

The High Council for National Reconciliation’s chief discusses if trust has been built after months of negotiations.

Guatemala attorney general fires top anti-corruption prosecutor

Juan Francisco Sandoval dismissed as head of a special anti-corruption agency against impunity.

Arrests as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Sydney

Thousands take to the streets of the Australian city to protest against lockdown restrictions amid a surge in cases.

Frantic search for survivors as India flooding toll rises

Heavy rains in western Maharashtra state triggered landslides and flooding, killing dozens of people.

Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood Manila

In some parts of the national capital region, home to more than 13 million people, flooding cut off roads to vehicles.

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