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Israel shoots down three unarmed Hezbollah drones

Israeli army says it intercepted three drones launched by Lebanon's Hezbollah movement towards an offshore gasfield.

Palestinians to hand bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh to US

Palestinian Authority general prosecutor says the bullet will be transferred for examination by US authorities.

Will Tunisia’s new constitution end its political crisis?

New constitution in Tunisia to further expand the president's powers, while reducing parliament's.

Uzbekistan imposes state of emergency in protest-hit Karakalpak

President Mirziyoyev drops plans to curb Karakalpak autonomy following rare public protest in the northwestern province.

UK condemns Russian ‘exploitation’ of British prisoners in Ukraine

Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill have been charged with mercenary activities in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine.

UN condemns protesters who stormed Libya parliament

Protesters stormed parliament to demonstrate over deteriorating living conditions and political deadlock.

Ukraine asks Turkey to detain Russian-flagged cargo ship

Kyiv official says the Zhibek Zholy loaded 4,500 tonnes of Ukrainian grain at the Russian-occupied port of Berdyansk.

Pulitzer winner Kashmir journalist says barred from flying abroad

Sanna Irshad Mattoo says she was stopped from going to Paris to attend a book launch and photography exhibition.

Corruption: Africa’s undeclared pandemic

Corruption is preventing states across the continent from delivering the most basic services to their citizens.

Cricket: Broad hit for record 35 runs in over by India’s Bumrah

Not first hugely expensive over of Broad - he conceded 36 runs when India's Yuvraj Singh hit him for six sixes in 2007.

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