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u and uː vowel signs of Malayalam

Malayalam language, spoken predominantly in the south Indian state of Kerala has an alphasyllabary writing system. Like other Brahmic scripts, the consonant-vowel sequences is written as a single unit- the consonant letter being the base and the vowel notation secondary. The u and uː vowel signs of Malayalam modifies the shape of the associated base...


We need you!

Have you ever thought of becoming a Mentor with the Alphabettes Mentorship Program? Now is the time to jump into this rewarding and exciting experience. Simply fill in this form and wait to be matched. Spring term just openend, and we are on the hunt for growing our pool of mentors. Not sure you could be a mentor? If you are unsure you are a good...

Alphabettes Mentorship Program opens new term

We are thrilled to re-open the mentorship program to new Mentees from around the globe. We especially welcome women and underrepresented groups. Applications for the Spring term can be submitted via the form between the 21 March and 4th April 2021. See some presentations of previous Mentees, have a peep behind the scenes, request access to the Q&A...

Beatrice Warde Scholarship Winner

We the Alphabettes Mentorship Team, are very happy and proud to share the fantastic news. Tatiana López, from El Salvador and one of the very first Mentees, received the Beatrice Warde Scholarship 2020 awarded by Monotype and the Type Directors Club. Back in 2017, she was matched with Petra Černe-Oven, designer, educator, author, and researcher...

Mentorship showcase party recording

A few weeks ago, in February 2021, we celebrated the achievements of the over 200 participants in the Alphabettes Mentorship Program. 10 selected Mentees presented their projects that they had developed, advanced and critiqued within their mentorship in 2020. They included research and design of the Sharada script, guidance on structuring research...

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24-Hour Hangout for International Women’s Day 2021

In a year that’s felt like one giant 24-hour online meeting, it’s been difficult to collectively motivate ourselves to organize our 3rd annual 24-Hour Hangout for International Women’s Day. One year ago, socializing on a virtual call with friends and strangers from across the globe for a ridiculous amount of time sounded exciting, even sort of quaint....

Birra Bruin

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