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Google formally adds the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to its ARCore support list

Augmented reality might not seem as exciting as VR, but it's capable of plenty of handy applications. From basic measuring tools to imaginary art galleries, AR can be a ton of fun — and with Google's ARCore SDK, it's easy to use with most modern Android phones. All supported devices have to be certified before running any of these experiences, and another...

Qualcomm is helping make a faster Nintendo Switch that runs Android

Qualcomm's newly announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is all set to power the next generation of Android flagships, and while that promises to bring some incredible gaming performance to your next phone, smartphones are only one part of how many of us access games on the go. The popularity of dedicated consoles just refuses to wane, and right now everyone's...

Qualcomm's new 7c+ Gen3 chip is bringing 5G to Chromebooks

Qualcomm’s second day here at the Snapdragon Summit has just introduced two new products for the growing ARM compute market — that’s “computers,” for us normies (as in, laptops). We’ve got a pair of chipsets to look forward to, bound for things like future Chromebooks and ARM Windows devices with 5G in tow. The company is frustratingly light on the...

Official Steam for Chromebooks support could launch this month

Steam support for Chrome OS devices has been in development for a few years now. Code-named “Borealis," the system is intended to bring a fast, easy, and integrated gaming experience to Chromebooks. We've already looked into work on enabling the Vulkan graphics library in Crostini, unlocking gaming capabilities that will be required for Borealis. Now...

Wring the most joy possible out of the holiday season with these tips for your home's Assistant devices

For those of you who opted to make your homes a little smarter for the holidays with a Google Nest Hub or other Android-based smart home devices, you'll be pleased to know that it can do more than just playing Christmas music to help you prepare for the season. Whether you need entertainment, organization, or connection, Google and Nest have you covered.

The new Samsung Galaxy A13 5G looks to raise the bar on expectations for budget phones

The 5G tide is making its way toward budget phone shores in the United States and Samsung is becoming part of that rising force with the debut of the Galaxy A13 5G, its most affordable 5G offering to date.

Pick which Samsung Galaxy S21 FE color you're going to get from these new renders

If it feels like we've been waiting on Samsung to launch the Galaxy S21 FE for ages now, it's because… well, we have. The phone first leaked this past spring, and even as the end of the year rapidly approaches, we have yet to get our hands on the S20 FE's successor. If you've been looking forward to the company's next mid-range flagship, a bunch of...

Rocket League Sideswipe hands-on: A near-perfect bite-sized version of a classic

Below is the original story, first published on March 30, 2021

Spotify 2021 Wrapped is here to look back at your favorite songs and podcasts of the year

Congratulations! We've almost made it to the end of this chaotic year, and that means it's time to start looking back on our 2021. If you've discovered a new guilty music pleasure, listened to a song you thought you wouldn't like but was actually a banger, or just stuck to the same twenty songs in your playlist, Spotify's 2021 Wrapped is here to remind...

Google makes its holodeck-like tech for video calls sound so good, we wish we could use it now

Google introduced Project Starline back at I/O 2021 as essentially the ultimate in remote person-to-person experiences by capturing and projecting depth data along with high-fidelity sound and vision. As the company has rolled out equipment across its various offices for on-boarding, interviews, and one-on-one brainstorm sessions, employees are finding...

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