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Designing for developers: 3 lessons on building a product for technical users

The observability team at Cockroach Labs recently redesigned their admin UI with developers in mind. Here, they share 3 lessons they learned about designing for technical users—including how to study user workflows, leverage documentation in-app, and user test with coworkers.

How to drive feature adoption with in-app messaging

In-app messaging is one of the most effective tools product owners have to improve user engagement with new and underused features. Here are 8 strategies for increasing feature adoption with in-app announcements and in-product marketing.

9 best-in-class examples of product personalization

Users don't just want personalized experiences—they expect them. Here are 9 exceptional examples of personalized product experiences from B2C and B2B apps to inspire your product team and help you start designing more a customized, bespoke UX for your own users.

Speak your users' language with Appcues Localization

Localization refers to the adaption of a product, app, or website to meet the needs and preferences of a specific locale or market. Whether you're trying to expand internationally or just provide a more personalized UX, Appcues Localization is a no-brainer. Learn how it works and why it matters.

5 compelling user referral campaign examples

Consumers are 4x more likely to buy from a company recommended by a friend. Learn how to jumpstart your user referral engine and increase customer advocacy with these 5 referral campaign approaches from popular apps.

Promoting your app launch on social media: 6 tips for a successful launch

Social media promotion is a critical component of any successful app launch—whether your product is an ecommerce mobile app or a complex SaaS solution. Mara Cavello of G2 explains how to choose the right social media platform, encourage user reviews, and measure results.

7 clever ways to celebrate your users and improve long-term retention

How to celebrate your users' success to boost motivation, increase user engagement, improve long-term retention, and delight your customers long term. Acknowledge milestones, gamify small wins, and reward your best customers with these 7 engagement tactics.

Improve user and customer retention with these 9 quick wins 

You don't need to overhaul your customer retention strategy to see dramatic results. Give your retention rates a boost with a few quick wins. Here are 9 ways to improve user retention and reduce churn with in-app messaging from onboarding to engagement to referral.

Making your mobile app part of a successful omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel is more than a buzzword. It's a winning UX and marketing strategy shared by some of the world's top software companies. Learn the key features of a successful omnichannel experience, with 5 real-world examples from companies that get it right.

The importance of streamlining customer touchpoints

There are more touchpoints in the typical customer journey than ever before. Find out why streamlining customer interactions should be a top marketing priority, along with 3 strategies for delivering a better customer experience through customer touchpoint mapping.

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