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Product manager responsibilities: What to expect

Product manager responsibilities cover a lot of ground, from determining product roadmap to collaboration. Learn what a PM does from day-to-day as well as what to expect from the role based on the job description.

How GetResponse boosted activation and adoption using Appcues

Learn about how GetResponse uses Appcues to understand how users engage with their products, onboard new users, gather contextual feedback, and ultimately drive product adoption.

Improve your product adoption strategy: A flywheel model

Learn how to improve your product adoption strategy by looking at all stages of the customer journey, including onboarding, customer support, and customer feedback.

Introducing Appcues’ new NPS analytics

Appcues NPS now has customizable date range reporting, updated visualizations for your NPS score over time, filtering by segments, and improved data export functionality. Check it out!

5 product messaging examples to inspire your own messaging

Product messaging needs to reflect your product's core value and resonate with your audience. We bring together some techniques to help you get started and product messaging examples from companies that do it well.

Using Appcues to track and understand product usage: 3 customer stories

Whether you’re launching a new feature, a product tour, or improving adoption of your product, you’ll maximize your chances of success by understanding product usage. Discover how 3 Appcues customers are using no-code tracking and measurement to inform product decisions and improve user experiences.

Why in-app microsurveys are the key to product growth

Most people don't like completing long surveys. Microsurveys have a better chance of catching your users in the right context and are more convenient to complete.

4 steps for success with product adoption metrics

Learn how to use product adoption metrics to guide your user adoption strategy.

How to drive product adoption: 5 proven strategies

Product adoption occurs when your users understand your product's value. You can use personalization to improve product adoption by reaching customers in a way that speaks to their needs.

What is product analytics and how can you use it to grow your product?

Product analytics provide valuable insights into your users and how they interact with your product. You can measure engagement in a meaningful way and reduce friction throughout your product.

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