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The Wendy House / Earthscape Studio

© Syam Sreesylam architects: Earthscape StudioLocation: Kozhinjampara, Kerala 678555, IndiaProject Year: 2023Photographs: Syam SreesylamArea: 1100.0 ft2 Read more »

Playing with Hues and Shades: The Power of Color in Building Facades

District School in Bergedorf / blrm Architekt*innen. Image © Werner Huthmacher “Color is life; for a world without color appears to us dead.” Distinguished painter Johannes Itten described with these words the exceptional power of color in our perception of the world. As a sensory event, color not only defines what we see, but also how we feel and...

Heatherwick Studio Unveils the Design for the Harley-Davidson Campus and Community Park in Milwaukee

Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio Heatherwick Studio has been commissioned to redesign and transform a central element of Harley-Davidson’s Headquarters in Milwaukee, US, the Juneau Avenue campus. The location is set to become a public park and green gathering space for the employees of the motorcycle company, as well as for the local community. In...

Erler House / Meier Unger

© Philip Heckhausen architects: Meier UngerLocation: Fockendorf, GermanyProject Year: 2020Photographs: Philip HeckhausenArea: 150.0 m2 Read more »

8 Opinions on the Architecture of 2022

Cantera No. 8: Montaña del Libro / DnA. Image © Ziling Wang If the last pandemic year was a perfect occasion to reflect and debate on wellness and digitalization, this 2022 was a tremendous opportunity to deepen and comment on some other of the most pressing issues in architecture: from carbon neutral construction to the democratization of design....

13 Houses With Utility Rooms and other Specialized Spaces

The Snow Apartment. Image Courtesy of penda The traditional architecture of the past can sometimes seem a long way from the modern, open-plan environments we enjoy today. But while some seemingly bygone upper-class room typologies like parlors, drawing rooms, and smoking rooms still exist by other names – dens, snugs, and man caves, to name a few...

New Orleans’ Equity-Driven Reforestation Plan

Restoration of a vacant lot as part of New Orleans Redevelopment Authority’s alternative strategies for vacant lots program . Image © Spackman Mossop Michaels New Orleans experiences the worst urban heat island effect in the country, with temperatures nearly 9 F° higher than nearby natural areas. The city also lost more than 200,000 trees from Hurricane...

Free House / Chip Studio

© Nicolás Provoste C. architects: Chip StudioLocation: Malacatos, EcuadorProject Year: 2021Photographs: Nicolás Provoste C.Area: 135.0 m2 Read more »

Open Call: Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2024 Curatorial Competition

Courtesy of the Estonian Architecture Centre The Estonian Centre for Architecture announces the curatorial competition of the seventh international Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2024.The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB), organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA), is an international architecture festival held since 2011. The...

Il Quinto Winery / Ubik Architecture

© Alessandra Chemollo architects: Ubik ArchitectureLocation: Zona Sterpeti26, 58051 Magliano in Toscana GR, ItalyProject Year: 2021Photographs: Alessandra Chemollo Read more »

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