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The Folio Society Releases ‘DC: Batman’ in Collaboration with DC

In celebration of the 85th anniversary of the first comic book appearance of Batman, the new project, curated by former DC Comics President Jennette Kahn, presents a dozen of the greatest Batman comics of all time, including a replica copy of ‘Batman #1.’

Thu Feb 29, 2024 04:01
‘Wings of Fire’ Animated Series Moves to Amazon

Adaptation of the popular children’s books by Tui T. Sutherland has found a new home at Amazon MGM Studios after being shelved at Netflix in 2022 amid company layoffs.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 03:01
Creative Career Coach: Take This Job and Love It

Whatever job you have, act with enthusiasm, commitment, and passion – that includes volunteering with industry organizations like ASIFA, Women in Animation, and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 03:01
Sony Interactive Entertainment Lays Off 900 Employees

The division responsible for PlayStation devices and multiple game development studios has ‘concluded that tough decisions have become inevitable,’ says CEO Jim Ryan.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 02:00
Weaving Through the Fabric of Disney and Kugali’s ‘Iwájú’

Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pan-African entertainment company Kugali’s 6-part original series about a young girl’s coming-of-age story living in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, ‘wraps’ viewers in vibrantly colored and patterned clothing that captures the show’s cherished African heritage, debuting today, February 28, on Disney+.

Thu Feb 29, 2024 02:00
Titmouse Announces Annual ‘5 Second Night’ Screenings

Don’t miss this year’s showcase of the studio’s in-house animated shorts program, screening live in theaters once again; coming to Los Angeles March 27, Vancouver April 3 and New York April 5 – tickets now on sale.

Wed Feb 28, 2024 21:57

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